Badgers Recruits See a Wisconsin Win

Talking to members of Wisconsin's 2014 recruiting class, the group remains united in the fact they believe the Badgers will emerge victorious over South Carolina in the 2014 Capital One Bowl. BadgerNation gets the bowl game breakdown from the future Badgers.

ORLANDO, Fla. - When it comes to the Capital One Bowl, the majority of Wisconsin's 2014 recruits have the same vision. They want to see how junior defensive end Jadeveon Clowney matches up against Wisconsin's offense, and they see the Badgers leaving the Florida Citrus Bowl victorious on Wednesday.

BadgerNation reached out to Wisconsin's committed players and asked them two questions: 1) What matchup are you anxious to watch between Wisconsin and South Carolina? 2) What's your prediction?

Of the 20 players who responded to us, 12 mentioned Clowney or South Carolina's defensive line against Wisconsin's running game/offense. Not surprisingly, everybody is picking the Badgers to win, beating the Gamecocks by an average score of 29-20.

Here are their responses.

Rohan Blackwood (three-star defensive end/linebacker): "I want to see how Wisconsin is going to run against South Carolina's d-line. South Carolina is good when they all come to play. When they don't come to play, it's not that good for them. I think Wisconsin is going to win."

Dominic Cizauskas (three-star linebacker): "I really want to see Jadeveon Clowney go against the offensive line. South Carolina is a great team, but so is Wisconsin. I am anxious to see them come out against a great SEC opponent. They are supposed to be one of top teams in the country and Coach Andersen always says the guys aren't afraid of anything. I really want to see how the guys come out and how they operate the game. I am going 31-21 Wisconsin."

Michael Deiter (three-star offensive guard): "I will be watching the Clowney vs. Ryan Groy match up whenever they go up against each other. I got Wisconsin by 10."

Craig Evans (four-star defensive tackle): "Well honestly I think it's gonna be great competition because South Carolina is a great team, great program, but if Wisconsin plays how they suppose to and be sound on both sides of the ball they should take it 28-14. I'm excited to see South Carolina's defense against Wisconsin's offense and the other way round."

Lubern Figaro (three-star cornerback): "I will be looking to see who I'm competing with next year and I see Wisconsin winning 20-7."

Rafael Gaglianone (three-star kicker): "I will be watching the Wisconsin game from Brazil. I guess we kickers mostly look up for our positions during games and I'll probably be watching them out there the most. I say 24-21 Wisconsin wins."

Jaden Gault (four-star offensive tackle): "I like bowl season to see the conferences battle it out against one another like the Big Ten and SEC. I used to watch for the scheme and stuff like that when I watched games, but now I know what is mostly going on and just watch for fun. I think Wisconsin is going to win and I think it could be a high scoring game, but I think the defense can hold them down for awhile. The Badgers are always in the game, but I think they will pull it out."

D.J. Gillins (three-star quarterback): "I'm excited to see Wisconsin stop the run and Clowney. Of course, I think UW will win. It will be a close one. I predict the final score will be 27-24."

Billy Hirschfeld (three-star outside linebacker): "It will be a close game between Wisconsin and South Carolina, but I know Wisconsin will pull out with the win. I'd say 24-17 Wisconsin wins and I'll be watching the defensive line and mostly Brendan Kelly's position because that is what the coaching staff told me I would be playing in college. I'll be watching him and the rest of the defensive line."

Austin Hudson (two-star safety): "I will be watching just how two great teams and great defenses will impact the results. I have terrible luck in predicting scores, but how about Wisconsin 31 to South Carolina 27."

Micah Kapoi (two-star offensive lineman): "I am going to be watching the game at home. I want to just see the offensive line play in general and Clowney from South Carolina. I like to see how he faces against our offensive line. I think Wisconsin wins 35-21."

Caleb Kinlaw (three-star running back): "I would say Clowney vs. the Wisconsin o-line and the running games of both teams. For the Wisconsin game, 31-24 Wisconsin."

Jacob Maxwell (three-star offensive lineman): "I can't wait to see Wisconsin play. The matchup between Jadeveon Clowney and the Badgers offensive line will be interesting. My prediction is Badgers win 28-17."

George Panos (four-star offensive guard): "I'll be in California for the Semper Fi game, so I can't go with my family to the Capital One game, but I'll sure be watching from my hotel. I am excited to see how the offensive line handles those SEC defensive linemen like Clowney. They are all great players for Wisconsin and should do just fine. I'll go 35-21 Wisconsin."

Jeremy Patterson (three-star nose tackle): "I want to see how they are going to come down and play in the heat and this type of weather. I am looking forward to see how the UW running backs compete. I think Wisconsin can handle South Carolina. I have them winning by seven, 21-14."

Krenwick Sanders (three-star wide receiver: "I don't really look at a particular thing, so I am just going to watch the full game. I think Wisconsin will win and they will win by at the most 14."

Conor Sheehy (four-star defensive end): "I think one thing, obviously, is South Carolina's defensive line versus Wisconsin's offensive line and our running game. They have a very stout defensive line, but I do think it's going to be a good matchup for Wisconsin. I think they are going to be prepared for it and overall overpower them to win. I think it's going to be a pretty close, pretty competitive game. I'm going to go with 27-20 Wisconsin."

Serge Trezy (three-star safety): "I want to see how Wisconsin uses its safeties in the game. I'll say 34-30 and Wisconsin comes out with the win."

Ula Tolutau (three-star fullback): "The matchup that I will be watching during the game is Wisconsin's offensive line against Clowney. I want to see how they handle him. Wisconsin wins 42-24."

Dareian Watkins (four-star wide receiver): "I am anxious to see Clowney vs. Wisconsin's offensive line. I have Wisconsin by seven, maybe 24-17."

Editor's Note: Beau Benzschawel, Taiwan Deal, T.J. Edwards, Natrell Jamerson and Chris Jones could not be reached for this story.

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