Winning Before Records

Within reach of a couple Wisconsin reception records, senior wide receiver Jared Abbrederis will gladly trade records for a bowl win over South Carolina.

ORLANDO, Fla.- Five years ago Jared Abbrederis was a walk-on quarterback from Wautoma who was looking for a way to get on the field to help the in-state school.

As he prepares to play his final game for Wisconsin Wednesday, Abbrederis will have a chance to break two school records, further cementing himself as one of the greatest wide receivers in school history.

With three catches against South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl, Abbrederis will have 76 catches on the season, breaking Lee Evans' single-season school history. If Abbrederis hauls in six passes, he'll break Brandon Williams' record of 202 catches in a career.

Records are nice, but the only thing mattering to Abbrederis is going out as a winner.

"It's not all about the records and things like that," Abbrederis said, who needs one touchdown to move into second place in school history. "If I get it, that would be nice. At the end of the day I just want to win the game and if we win the game and I don't have a catch I'll be happy with that."

Abbrederis never envisioned himself having a chance to break any school records when he stepped foot on the Wisconsin campus. For Abbrederis the only thing he was concerned about was getting on the field and showing that he belonged.

"For me it's always been about goal setting; when I set a goal I try to achieve it," Abbrederis said. "Once you do that you have to set another goal. When I came in I wasn't trying to be where I am right now, I was just trying to make plays and get on the field. Once you do that you just start setting new goals for yourself it wasn't really do I see myself here when I started; possibly but I wasn't trying to get there right now. I was just setting goals and trying to achieve them."

First noticing Abbrederis when he was the scout team quarterback as a true freshman in 2009, senior linebacker Chris Borland knew then that Abbrederis' work ethic was going to make him a valuable commodity down the road.

"I knew how good of an athlete he was from the get go," Borland said. "It's been great to watch him grow and become one of the best receivers in our conference and maybe the country. He comes to work every single day. It's been really impressive and it's something I can look to and try to emulate. It's been a pleasure playing with him and seeing him grow and a good friend and teammate."

South Carolina Quotable

Passing game coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr. on Wisconsin's defense

"Statistically, I mean, they have been really good this year. They're a big, strong, physical, play tough, play downhill. Obviously, there linebacker, Chris Borland, player of the year up there, is everywhere, makes tackles, hits people, very active. They're a tough team. They've played a lot of good teams this year and they've held them down. You don't see a lot of teams score a lot of points on them. So they're a tough physical team that plays good defense and statistically, they've proved it this year."

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Borland on Wisconsin being the betting favorite

"I was a little surprised. We're confident that we're going to win. It's just, you know, this huge SEC, you know, bias out there that they're a great conference, which they are. But, yeah, I was surprised but still confident and we expect to win."

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