Kelly Makes Short Trip to Madison

One of many in-state junior prospects to spend Saturday at Wisconsin, Waukesha West athlete Marcus Kelly breaks down his Badgers visit.

Wisconsin's junior day couldn't have gone any better for Waukesha (WI) West tight end/defensive end Marcus Kelly. For Kelly it was a jam-packed day that met his expectations and he came away impressed with what Wisconsin has to offer.

"I would give the visit a nine," Kelly told Badger Nation. "We got to see a lot and it was good hearing the Wisconsin coaches speak."

One of the first things Kelly and the rest of the visitors, got to do were listening to a presentation about Wisconsin from Gary Andersen.

"He was pretty much telling us what Wisconsin stands for socially, athletically and academically," Kelly said. "But the focus of his talk was about what you have to do to have success as a student-athlete at Wisconsin. He was saying that in order to succeed academically that you need to be able to push through and stay on top of your school work. If you go through the motions as a student you won't succeed."

After Andersen's presentation, groups were broken off into position meetings. Problem was Kelly didn't know if he should go with the other tight ends or go with the defensive lineman.

"When I came to visit for the Penn State game my credential said tight end and today it said defensive line," Kelly said. "I asked coach Andersen where I should go and he told me that you can split time between both meetings, unless you tell us you want to be recruited at just one position. So I went in with the rest of the tight ends before coach Chad Kauha'aha'a pulled me into the defensive line meeting. Both position meetings the coaches talked about their philosophies and what they expect out of their players."

Besides going to the Badgers basketball game, Kelly was also able to see the academic center, equipment room, weight room and got to hear strength and conditioning coach Evan Simon speak about nutrition and how they get the players ready.

The one thing that stood out that was easily Kelly's favorite part was when he was able to walk into the Badger locker room.

"The locker room is really nice and it was really cool trying on a Badger jersey," said Kelly. "Growing up in Wisconsin and seeing the motion W, you know what it stands for. The Badgers are your team when you grow up in Wisconsin and they mean a lot to you. They mean a lot to other Wisconsin kids and you always dream about one day being able to play for Wisconsin."

Kelly will also be attending Minnesota's junior day on February 8 and Northern Illinois junior day March 21.

"When I go on those visits I won't compare them to my visit to Wisconsin, I'm just looking forward to taking everything in while I'm there," Kelly said. "I'm looking forward to seeing how the coaches interact amongst each other when I'm there and seeing how they treat me."

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