Breaking Down the UW Recruiting Class

An introduction to the Wisconsin Badgers 2014 football recruiting class.

2014 Wisconsin football Signing Day

Badger Commits By State

Georgia (2): Jeremy Patterson, Krenwick Sanders

Hawaii (1): Micah Kapoi

Illinois (1): T.J. Edwards

Florida (7): D'Cota Dixon, D.J. Gillins, Austin Hudson, Natrell Jamerson, George Rushing, Derrick Tindal, Serge Trezy

Maryland (2): Taiwan Deal, Chris Jones

Massachusetts (1): Lubern Figaro

Ohio (2): Michael Deiter, Dareian Watkins

South Carolina (1): Caleb Kinlaw

Tennessee (1): Rafael Gaglianone

Utah (1): Ula Tolutau

Wisconsin (6): Beau Benzschawel, Jaden Gault, Billy Hirschfeld, Jacob Maxwell, George Panos, Conor Sheehy.


Linebacker Chasen Andersen (Logan, UT); Matt Austin (Fond du Lac, WI); Brett Connors (New Berlin, WI); TE Sam Eckert (East Troy, WI); Justin Schweitzer (Silver Lake, WI).

Badger Commits By Projected Position

QB: D.J. Gillins

TB: Taiwan Deal, Caleb Kinlaw

FB: Ula Tolutau

WR: Natrell Jamerson, Chris Jones, George Rushing, Krenwick Sanders, Dareian Watkins

TE: None

T: Beau Benzschawel, Jaden Gault G: Michael Deiter, George Panos, Micah Kapoi, Jacob Maxwell

C: None

NT: Jeremy Patterson

DE: Billy Hirschfeld, Conor Sheehy

LB: T.J. Edwards

CB: Derrick Tindal

S: D'Cota Dixon, Lubern Figaro, Austin Hudson, Serge Trezy

PK/P: Rafael Gaglianone

Ath: None

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