Fennell Impressed with the Badgers

Growing up watching Georgia football, Loganville (GA) Grayson's Daniel Fennell was quite familiar with tailback Thomas Brown. Now that Brown is at Wisconsin and has extended Fennell a scholarship offer, the linebacker is excited to try to build a relationship with both.

The Peach State has had no shortage recently of Wisconsin offers with new running backs coach Thomas Brown actively recruiting Georgia. The latest offer extended by the Badgers went out to Loganville (GA) Grayson junior middle linebacker Daniel Fennell.

"The Wisconsin coach Thomas Brown told me to call him and I called him and he told me about the offer," Fennell told BadgerNation. "I was excited because Wisconsin is a real good school. I felt good and they have always been good for awhile. I have always heard Wisconsin and I see them in the big bowls. I have never actually looked into their program, but I see them play all the time and they look real good.

"I know it would be a good opportunity for me and I want to try to visit up there. He has been talking about me visiting a lot and every time we talk, we talk about trying to get up there for a visit. We are trying to get something done for like something next year in the season or in the summer. He has told me it is a real nice place, so I want to see it for myself."

The 6-2, 222-pound hard-hitter linebacker is very familiar with Brown from his times at Georgia and felt honored when contacted by him.

"Coach Brown was a running back at Georgia and we always liked him because we all love Georgia," said Fennell. "When I heard from him, I didn't think it was him. When I saw who it was, I got excited. First time I talked to him it was about Georgia stuff and we all just looked up to him, so he is just a real cool guy. The second he got to Wisconsin, he told me that he was going to put me on with their coach, so the offer wasn't really a shocker."

One concern for some recruits with schools is the distance factor, but Brown gave Fennell a different way to look at that issue.

"The main thing with me is distance but what he explained to me, and I have never had it explained to me before like this, he told me that when you are playing D1 football you are going to practice and getting ready for games and all that, so you are not going to go home a lot anyways" said Fennell. "The most I will go home for is the holidays. I don't think distance is really a problem."

Fennell sits as an early three-star recruit by Scout.com and has offers from Georgia Tech, Marshall, Miami, Pittsburgh, Virginia and Wisconsin. He has also been getting mail from Florida, Florida State and Georgia, among others.

"I don't have a top list right now," he said. "I have some people I have looked into a little bit more than others, but I don't really have any leaders."

"I like to stop the run and take on blocks," added Fennell. "I can pass cover, but that is not what I really love. I love to stop the run and hit people. I look to hit the person as hard as I can, so that they are shook up for the rest of the game and then after that you do other moves. First thing I do is hit the running back as hard as I can. My coaches also say I use my hands better than most people. I am going to have a talk with the defensive coordinator or head coach at Wisconsin sometime, but Coach Brown said that I would fit in at the position I am in right now. He said that I would be a perfect fit."

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