Kaminsky Becomes the Zone Buster

Finding the soft spots in Baylor's 1-3-1 zone, Wisconsin junior Frank Kaminsky dominated Baylor in the Badgers' Sweet 16 victory Thursday night.

ANAHEIM, Calif. - Whether it was in the middle of the zone or the low block, it seemed that Frank Kaminsky knew that he could do whatever he wanted when he wanted to do it.

"Frank's had some games like that," said Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan of his junior forward, who scored a game-high 19 points in Wisconsin's 69-52 victory over Baylor at the Honda Center Thursday night. "We knew he would be critical against that zone, but we didn't put it on him like, hey, Frank, if you don't play well. I mean, we don't do that to players.

"I think Frank knew from watching the film and going over the scouting report and us talking to him about certain things that he and Nigel, Sam, and Duje were going to be extremely important in that zone, and Frank set the tone. The other guys followed along with him, so Frank deserves a lot of credit for being the zone buster."

Wisconsin (29-7) was able to get into the middle of Baylor's 1-3-1 zone throughout the night and much of that had to do with the Badgers' preparation.

"That was one of our points on the scouting report, getting it to the middle of the zone, trying to make some plays happen," Kaminsky said. "They left the middle of the zone open a little bit and we were able to get the ball in there and get some easy baskets to the rim, some easy kick-outs for threes. So, you know, we just kind of hammered it into the middle and made some things happen."

It may surprise some that Wisconsin was able to have so much success around the basket, as Baylor's Isaiah Austin usually patrols the area. However, Kaminsky feels that a lot of the success around the hoops is due to the early tone that was set.

"We were just able to get into the middle of that zone like we said and get some easy baskets," he said. "I think that he got a foul early, so he wasn't trying to pick up another one early in the game. We were just able to attack him. He is a great shot blocker, but we knew we needed to go at him and try to get him out of the game.

"They had great shot blockers on their team. Isaiah Austin's one of the best shot blockers in the entire country. If you don't pump fake against a guy like that, you're not only going to hear it from the sidelines, but you're going to be mad at yourself because he's going to come away with a block. So obviously, coming into this game, we knew what we had to do."

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