Another Awesome Trip for Pfaff

After making another visit to campus to check out the Wisconsin football program, Mequon (WI) Homestead defensive end David Pfaff is excited for his opportunity at Wisconsin's high school summer camp.

A familiar face that has been on Wisconsin's campus multiple times is Mequon (WI) Homestead junior defensive end David Pfaff. This weekend he was again up at Madison to watch the Badgers' second scrimmage of the spring, which was his main purpose of this trip.

"We went to Wisconsin and it is like my fifth time, and it is awesome," Pfaff told BadgerNation. "They have awesome facilities and got to take a tour of that, but that wasn't the main focus of this trip. The main focus of this trip was to check out how they practice and how they play. I have seen a ton of their games, but to see them in person that is big." The 6-3, 225-pound high motor Pfaff is all about creating relationships and he got to further strengthen his relationship with a few Badgers coaches during the afternoon.

"I also got to talk to the coaches like Coach Andersen, Coach Chad and Coach Strickland," said Pfaff. "They are awesome. Coach Chad was talking to me about how I would fit into their defense and what he like to see from me in the season and at camp. I think I will go back to their camp for the competition and show the coaches what else I have to offer like if they want to see any specifics from me. Coach Chad said he knows how I rush the passer and he was saying he wants to see me emphasis the run game a little more, which is cool because I love doing that.

"Coach Strickland is kind of my go to guy for the recruiting questions and anything I need to know. Coach Andersen is a fricken awesome guy! I love Coach Andersen and my mom also does, too. He is just one of my favorite coaches."

Holding offers from Iowa State, North Dakota State, Northern Illinois, South Dakota State and Western Michigan, Pfaff got to watch Wisconsin players battle it out and gave his takes on how this team looks early on in the spring.

"They looked good," said Pfaff. "I mean it is spring ball, so isn't as good as you can be. The defense I sensed had a little bit better performance, but that might be a little bias coming from a defensive player. I talked to the coaches and they thought they played well. They were looking for a little more leadership on the team and that is something I can help them out with. I believe I am a leader on the team and if I get that opportunity, then I would definitely jump and be one of the leaders on the team. They played good."

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