Wisconsin Surprises Turner

Getting surprised by a Wisconsin coach and a Badgers offer at his school, Clifton (VA) Centreville junior running back A.J. Turner knows Wisconsin gives him an opportunity to run the football.

Leaving his math class to head down to the football coaches offices, Clifton (VA) Centreville junior running back A.J. Turner wasn't expecting to run into any college assistant coaches, especially from the University of Wisconsin, a school he had never received a letter from or had any form of contact.

Imagine his surprise when he became the latest 2015 tailback to receive an offer from the Badgers.

"(The Wisconsin coach) told me that they were actually talking about me and said, ‘I just got done talking to your coach that we have offered you a full ride to the University of Wisconsin,'" Turner told BadgerNation. "I was like wait, what? (laughter) … It was just really surprising and shocking. I mean I was really excited and pumped about it."

With no prior relationship built with the Badgers, the 5-11, 180-pound tailback understandably knew very little of the school that had won three of the last four Big Ten championships. The more he learned about the school's willingness to run the football, the more Turner became intrigued.

"If I go there then they will put the ball in my hands," said Turner. "They will let me do what I do and they are a heavy run team and have sent running backs to the NFL, so that got me really me hype and all fired up."

Running a reported 4.4 forty time has Turner a wanted man, as he holds offers from Boston College, Clemson, Connecticut, Duke, East Carolina, Maryland, Ohio State, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech and now Wisconsin.

"I don't have any favorites or anything like that," said Turner. "I plan on doing that once I figure out those are all the offers I will get, so it will be easier and I won't have to keep reevaluating schools. I am not exactly sure because it is kind of far away. I am not exactly sure if I will visit Wisconsin because it is kind of far away."

While different offers mean more to recruits, Turner looks at each as an opportunity given to receive that free education and excel after football.

"They are giving you a free education and that is what I am going to college for," said Turner. "I will be playing football, but I am getting a free education, which is nice. That means unlike the rest of the world paying back student loans, I won't need to take out any. Offers are great because of that education. You can do what you want for free and play a sport that you love without any expenses."

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