Andersen Personally Offers Fabrizio

Having made the transition from Utah to Wisconsin less than two years ago, Badgers head coach Gary Andersen made sure he was the one to personally offer Sandy (UT) Alta junior safety Quinn Fabrizio to explain the ease of the process.

Wisconsin assistant coaches have been all over the country evaluating talent and offering scholarships. Even though Gary Andersen is limited to the recruiting he can do during the spring, Wisconsin's head coach is still able to offer scholarships, which is exactly what he did with Sandy (UT) Alta junior safety Quinn Fabrizio.

"I was definitely surprised and excited," Fabrizio told BadgerNation. "I couldn't believe it. Coach Andersen had called me and told me the news, so it was pretty cool to talk to him. I have huge respect for him. I followed him at Utah State and he is an awesome coach.

"It was definitely awesome to talk to him personally because he is just a guy you respect. He said what he thought about Wisconsin and why I should be there. He talked about how he used to live in Utah, so he kind of knows what I am going through. He really likes me and told me I would be a good fit."

After receiving an offer from the Badgers, how interested is the 6-3, 208-pound prospect and could be possibly making his way to Madison this summer?

"I am highly interested in Wisconsin," said Fabrizio. "It is an awesome school, awesome football program. It is definitely one of the top ones on my list. Wisconsin is high up there for me. I definitely plan on visiting in the summer sometime.

"It is definitely one of those schools you dream about going to, so it a honor and I am going to keep working my butt off and not just think I can chill now. I will continue to push myself."

The three-star safety has seen his recruitment pick up and has had many schools stop by to see him, like Stanford, Washington and others. Still, he is enjoying the all the attention and the process.

"I will definitely be on a lot of visits to schools like Stanford, Washington, lot of California schools and go down South, like maybe Georgia," said Fabrizio. "We will see."

"I look at a lot of things like education," he added. "I want to study business, so the business school is important and I also look at the coaches and the people I will be around. I want to see if they recruit good people and if the coaches have good morals and stuff they can teach me. I don't want to be around bad influences. Lastly, I look at what my parents think and my relationship with the coaches."

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