Five Still Alive for Weber, but Three on Top

Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech RB Mike Weber turned in a gutsy performance at the Columbus Nike Football Training Camp last weekend. Afterward he took time to shed light on the latest in recruitment, including word on three have created a little separation from the pack.

Mike Weber was nursing a banged up hand when he arrived in Columbus for the Nike Football Training Camp Sunday, but that didn’t stop the Detroit Cass Tech star from competing for as long and as hard as he could.

“I did pretty good,” Weber said after ending his day early due to aggravating his injury.  “I kind of took it easy.  I didn’t want to hurt it too bad.  I came here to get a good experience, see a lot of top prospects from across the country, and just really to have fun out here.”

He also wanted to answer the challenges from those that wanted a piece of him because of his lofty ranking.

“Yeah a lot of guys called me out,” he reported.  “I went out there and did what I have to do.”

On the recruiting front he is holding firm to his previously announced top five, but word began circulating down in Columbus that three schools… Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin… had put a little distance between themselves and his other suitors.  When asked about the veraciousness of such talk he didn’t hesitate.

“That’s accurate,” Weber admitted.

“Ohio State, Urban Meyer, I like how he runs his program.  I like how he wins.  They’ve put in a pipeline through Cass Tech now.  I’ll say Wisconsin is ‘Running Back University.’ They put a lot of guys in the league.  Michigan State, I like how their program is ran and they put a lot of running backs into the league too.  Not to forget Michigan, they’ve got a good history and a good coach coming in.  So that’s a good look to it.”

Tennessee remains in the running also.  The next phase of jockeying for position will be impacted significantly by future visits.  Weber plans to have a pretty full schedule on that front.

“Really this summer I’m going down south to see some schools down there as far as Miami, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina, Alabama… schools like that,” he said.

“Michigan State, it is easy to get down there.  Michigan I’ll say I’ll get down there also.  Ohio State I’ll come down one more time and Wisconsin, I’ll be down there in June.  I’m pretty much going to hit everywhere.”

Aiding Michigan’s candidacy seems to be a real priority for a number of current and future Wolverines.

Said Weber, “Big Dave (Dawson), Jourdan Lewis, Delano Hill, Delonte (Hollowell), Terry (Richardson), Royce (Jenkins-Stone)… all them guys.”

“(Alex Malzone) been on my Twitter.  Him and (Darrin Kirkland)... just recruiting like they’re supposed to, so it is a good look.”

Such recruiting chatter will fall on deaf ears when the fall rolls around.  At that point Weber plans an abrupt shift in focus.

“In the season I’m going to focus on winning the state championship my last year,” he said matter-of-factly.  “I’m going to put it aside when the season starts.  When it is over I’m going to be looking to make my decision.”

When that time finally comes there are a few key factors that will ultimately determine the victor.

“Depth chart, opportunity, history, academics, really the whole nine,” Weber said. “I know wherever I go I’ll have to compete, but I’d rather go where it is the least amount of running backs to make it a little easier on me.”

For more of the interview with Mike Weber, view the video in its entirety below.

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