Warren on Charlie Strong & More

Head coach Charlie Strong and the rest of the Texas staff have done a great job leaving no stone unturned in the state of Texas. Running back Chris Warren (Rockwall, TX), who checks in at 6-foot-2 and 220-pounds, is one of them.

Chris Warren is the No 9 ranked back in America according to Scout.com. The four-star standout has offers from Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Clemson, Mississippi State, Texas and many more. Recruiting always comes down to relationships no matter how you slice it and Warren and the Texas staff are building strong ties.

"I'm in the process of trying to maintain a great relationship with all of the coaches not just coach [Chris] Rumph," Chris Warren said. "I could definitely see myself in coach [Charlie] Strong's program, being at Texas, he brings a new level of excitement and enthusiasm to the team that wasn't there previously."

Warren has his pick of schools he would like to attend in the future. He has a rare blend of size and speed but his will and desire to win could be his biggest asset.

"I really feel that me being a guy that just wants to win is my main asset, but in terms of actual gameplay I'd say my focus on one single thing is best, keeping it simple, like not worrying about the defense just get the yards or catch the ball by any means," Warren said.

For many players across the country, top tier players, recruiting can become a long and tiring process. If you do not understand the process it can be very confusing for a young man and his family.

"Recruiting is a double edged sword, you're thankful that you have it but there are a lot of things you could go without in the process, all these teams all these reporters, it's a lot to keep up with and combined with school it makes things pretty challenging," Warren said. "I would probably tell a kid to just take it easy and try to keep five schools in mind at all times, it's good to have an open mind but when you do that you become indecisive and bounce with your interest level of each school."

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