Mullen recaps road trip

Travyon Mullen visited six schools last week with several of his Coconut Creek (Fla.) teammates. The 2016 safety already has some big offers on his list and he was able to see several of the schools that have offered.

Last week, Trayvon Mullen visited Cincinnati, Louisville, Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia Tech. Of those, only Auburn and Georgia Tech haven't offered yet. Based on his conversations with coaches, Mullen is expecting an Auburn offer in the near future.

"Talking to coaches, they said me playing my position and doing what I'm doing, they like it. Most cornerbacks are 5'10" but I'm different because I'm taller, I have an advantage going against receivers. That's what they like about me," he said. Mullen plans to keep in touch. Of all the schools he visited, the 2016 athlete said Tennessee was his favorite.

"Tennessee, I just think it's on point. Honestly, it was the best school I've visited so far. Everything there is just awesome," Mullen said.

"I like the inside facility, the new things they're building and adding onto what they already have, the locker rooms, the dorms, things like that."

The 6-foot-2, 180-pound junior enjoyed his time at the other schools too.


"Cincinnati, I think Cincinnati is a good school. Everything was live and moving, it's a good school, good coaches," he said.


"Louisville was just a visit (not camp). I was talking to coaches and seeing the campus. Everything was awesome. I think it's a good school overall, from what they were saying and telling me."

South Carolina

"South Carolina was a good one too. They're also adding a lot of things to their school for helping the students, as far as academics, in the weight room, and playing on the field. Mostly, they were focused on the kids' academics."

It's early for Mullen, so he doesn't have any favorites yet, but getting out and seeing the campuses was great to help him get a bigger picture in his recruitment.

"It was awesome because I was visiting different campuses and seeing different coaching styles and different people and just seeing the different environments at different schools," he said.

Stay tuned for the latest on Trayvon Mullen and his recruitment.

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