Fabrizio Recieves Scholarship Offer from BYU

Recently, BYU extended an offer to an in-state defensive back prospect Quinn Fabrizio from Alta High School, who will play outside linebacker this season for the Hawks. TotalBlueSports.com caught up with Fabrizio to get his thoughts upon receiving that coveted scholarship from BYU.

While visiting BYU last Tuesday, Quinn Fabrizio received an unexpected surprise. Alongside his parents he met with Bronco Mendenhall in Coach Mendenhall's office and received a BYU scholarship offer.

"Well I definitely wasn't expecting it," Fabrizio said. "Coach (Kelly) Poppinga wanted me to come down to talk to Coach Mendenhall, so I went down there with my mom and dad. He took us to his office and we sat down for a while. He asked me some questions and kind of quizzed me up on some church questions. Then he said he wanted to offer me."

Although multiple FBS schools have extended Fabrizio scholarship offers, the experience he had with Coach Mendenhall was unique.

"I would say it was a spiritual experience and a cool experience," Fabrizio said. "It was definitely a unique experience as well."

Fabrizio had been down to visit BYU a few times and wasn't able to connect with Coach Mendenhall. Fabrizio's most recent visit changed things.

"I don't know, it kind of took a little bit to warm up to him I think," Fabrizio said. "I went down there a couple of times and didn't really talk to him much, but this last trip I was able to talk to him and it was good. I know he's an awesome guy, and so it was really good to talk to him and meet him."

Being a strong member of the LDS faith, Quinn Fabrizio was excited for to receive an offer from BYU. Many members of his family are excited about his BYU offer due to their support of the BYU football program.

"It was definitely awesome!" said Fabrizio. "I have a lot of family that are BYU fans, so getting the offer from BYU was definitely awesome. It was an awesome experience and a cool thing to happen. My parents are excited about it and my mom is definitely excited about it. She couldn't believe it. They enjoyed coming down and talking to Bronco as well."

The offer from BYU means Fabrizio now has eight scholarship offers. He's also drawing additional interest from USC, UCLA, Colorado, Boise State, and ASU.

"I have offers from Wisconsin, Washington, Nevada, Washington State, Utah State, and Utah," Fabrizio said. "Now I also have an offer from BYU."

While Fabrizio has quite a few impressive offers on the table he hasn't sorted out a pecking order of interest quite yet. However, the offer he received from BYU has him thinking.

"I don't have a list right now of my top schools, but the offer from BYU right now is a lot to take in," he said. "It definitely makes you rethink where you might want to go and what you're going to do. BYU is definitely a school I'm going to look into.

"It's definitely an awesome thing to think about having the opportunity to play for [BYU] and [represent] the LDS church and play for them and all the LDS members."

Fabrizio was born in Utah but the family moved back to Georgia when he was at a young age. Three years ago, the Fabrizio family moved back to the Beehive State where Quinn now attends Alta High School. He's not opposed to playing out of state having grown up away from the state of Utah.

"I'm from Georgia and we just moved back to Utah three years ago," he said. "I grew up out of state and kind of understand what it's like being out of state and how it works. I'm not scared of going out of state. I'm not just looking at in-state schools. I think playing for BYU would be an awesome experience, but I also think all the schools would be a really good choice."

What exactly is Fabrizio looking for in a college? He has many options to choose from and those choices will be checked against a personal list of qualifications he's looking for.

"I would say first couple of things I'm looking for involves the coaches," Fabrizio said. "I think you'll learn a lot from your coaches, and that's kind of who you'll become, and who you're mostly around, are your coaches. You become like those that you are around like your secondary coach, your defensive coordinator, and your head coach. I think the kind of coach that you're around you'll learn a lot from and take on those characteristics.

"Also I would say academics is a huge part of it as well. The kind of education you can get from the school that you decide to attend is very important. Then I would say another thing is if it's the right feel. You know if you feel right about the school, or if you feel comfortable because you know kids in your recruiting class. I think knowing kids in your recruiting class is a big part of it."

Fabrizio opened the eyes of college recruiters after demonstrating his defensive prowess from the strong safety position for Alta. His ability to move and cover the field possessing good size earned him early notoriety.

"I played strong safety last year at Alta. I didn't play much offense but did play a little receiver," Fabrizio said. "I did really well at both positions. I really like defense and I really like hitting kids. I think I'm good in the open space and catching guys even when they break the first level. I don't think anyone can out-run me."

Last season (2013) Fabrizio had around 90 tackles and two interceptions from his strong safety position. This season the Alta coaches want to move Fabrizio to the outside linebacker position where he'll bring his speed and 6'3, 214-pound frame to play closer to the line of scrimmage.

"This year they're going to move me to outside linebacker," he said. "I've gotten a lot bigger and I've put on some weight, so we'll see how I do there. I'll be able to rush the quarterback and do some different things this next year and it's going to be fun."

Kelly Poppinga, who has coached first round NFL draft pick Ziggy Ansah [Detroit Lions] and second round NFL draft pick Kyle Van Noy [Detroit Lions], has been the coach responsible for recruiting Quinn Fabrizio.

"The coach recruiting me is Coach Poppinga, and I really like him. He's awesome!" Fabrizio said. "He's a really good guy and I feel like I can talk to him at any time. We have a really good relationship going. He said that outside linebacker is their main position, and they want a guy in there that can take care of business. Usually those guys at that position goes to the [NFL] so it means a lot to me that they're recruiting me at that position."

Coach Poppinga isn't the only "really good guy" that Fabrizio is speaking with. BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell is also in on the recruiting efforts for Fabrizio.

"I'm also talking with Coach Nick Howell a lot as well," Fabrizio said. "He's also a really good guy and I like them him and Coach Poppinga a lot. They're both studs."

Like many faithful Latter-Day Saints, Fabrizio has a strong desire to set aside his cleats and helmets for two years to serve an LDS mission.

"Yes sir. I plan on going right after my senior year," said Fabrizio. "I'll be eighteen my whole senior year, so I've talked to my councilors about graduating early and going on my mission in December or January. We'll see what I end up doing, but I'll have the ability to graduate early if I have to."

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