Most Indispensable Badger - No.23

Leading up to the season opener Aug.30, BadgerNation will announce its list of the 30 most important players to the Badgers' success in the 2014 season. With a lack of experience at the receiver position, the Badgers are counting on Rob Wheelwright to step into a playmaking role.

With plenty of hype coming out of high school, Rob Wheelwright is looking to slowly work his way up the depth chart and become effective in the offense as quickly as possible. Wheelwright has the inability to make an impact with the combination of versatility and athleticism. However with only two collegiate receptions to his name and missing most of spring because of injuries, Wheelwright needs a big fall camp in order to catch up and earn a bigger role within the offense.

Strengths: Wheelwright has incredible hands that he also compliments with impressive route running skills. He also has impressive athleticism that he uses to his ability when there are free balls in the air for him to go up and get over a cornerback or safety.

Weaknesses: Wheelwright is still not as big as the coaching staff would like, weighing in just over 200 pounds. He has to prove that he can be more aggressive on the field. His inexperience is a drawback.

Why he is where he is: Wheelwright is where he is because he has little-to-no experience at the collegiate level but he has impressive potential that makes me anxious about where he could go this season potential wise.

Overall: If the Badgers would like to succeed in the pass game, Wheelwright will be a key third-or-fourth receiver for the Badgers to rely on.

Up Next: Earning a scholarship with his play last season, No.22 on our list now has to prove he is worthy of that distinction as one of the veterans of his position.

Note: This is not a list of the team's 30 best players or a series about past success, but rather a list of which players are the most critical to the team’s success in 2014. The list was created based on a player’s overall importance, impact on the field, the player’s position and expectations. True freshmen were not considered for this season.

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