Decision Nearing for Kevin Estes

With fall camp rapidly approaching for San Marcos (Calif.) High School, offensive tackle Kevin Estes would like to wrap up his recruitment sooner rather than later. This week he is visiting both Arizona State and Arizona, and we caught up with Estes to discuss his recruitment picture.

The 6-6 273-pound Kevin Estes wrapped up his Tempe visit this afternoon. This was his second trip to Arizona State, but it was much more detailed compared to his spring 2013 venture.

“Everything was pretty much new to me,” Estes said. “We got to walk the whole campus, see the facilities, see the uniforms, and get a presentation on the new stadium they will have in three years. I was really impressed by the freshmen dorms and the setup there, I really like the line coach Chris Thomsen, he’s a real cool coach and I like talking to him. The academic (support) system they built up is impressive, because academics are big for me.”

It’s no secret that when it comes to the 2015 recruiting class the Sun Devils are in the market for an offensive tackle, and today Estes certainly felt that he was in demand to fulfill that need.

“They really like my size and arm length,” Estes said. “They need tall tackles and they liked that about me. They also really liked my ability to run downfield and make blocks there. If I came here I feel that I would have a chance to start as a true freshman because of my size.

“The scheme is very similar to what we run at our high school, spreading it out with the read option and the tackles move a lot and pull for screens.”

The lineman reported weight room marks of 455 lbs. squatting and 375 benching.

Estes has several offers from schools such as California, Duke, Miami, Oregon State, Utah, Washington State and Wisconsin. In terms of his recruitment with the Sun Devils, Estes said that he appreciated the staff’s approach in pursuing him.

“Arizona State is recruiting me hard,” Estes commented. “But they are also laid back which I like. They not on my head every day sending me mail three, four times a week and I appreciate that.

“I don’t have a short list, but I plan to decide very soon, maybe next week.”

Estes will visit University of Arizona next but before leaving the state will visit Tempe on Saturday and attend one of the Sun Devils’ fall practices that day. While he has no favorites, it does seem like a two-school race at this time for the lineman’s services.

“I haven’t visited anyone else this summer,” said Estes. “These are the last two visits of the summer before I decide. The other schools Duke, Wisconsin, Cal, I visited a while ago.

“I want to make sure that I go into the season knowing where I’m going to school. I want to go to a school where I know what getting a degree from there will provide me later in life. I’m looking at a school where I have a chance to get on the field pretty early and start, so I’m going to look at the (offensive) tackle situation there. I want to go to a school where the coaching staff has a good connection with his guys. I want to be in a family of offensive linemen, which is something very important.”

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