Allen getting comfortable

Jordan Allen came to Arizona with the belief he could contribute immediately. With the season opener only days away, Allen discusses being comfortable, his role, and more.

Coming from LSU, Jordan Allen knew that it would take some time to get comfortable at Arizona and it now appears he fits in well with the Wildcats.

"I really like it over here," Allen said. "It’s a change of tempo, change of pace, change of lifestyle coming out here to the big open sun world.

"I like being able to move around on the field and I feel like I am definitely a part of this team regardless of the fact this is my first year here.

"I really enjoy everything that I have learned about this place, all of the history that goes into this program and everything needed to know in order for me to feel I have a purpose behind playing for this team."

After playing within a specific system at LSU, Allen had to come to Arizona and quickly learn a new one.

"We run three down lineman and back at LSU we ran a 4-3," he said. "It is a little bit different trying to figure out what technique is where and who fits where, but I am working on it and it will be fine.

"Things are going really good right now as far as play and the team getting together and rallying, but the biggest test will be against UNLV."

Looking back on Arizona's pitch, Allen feels that everything the coaching staff told him has been genuine.

"They had a spot they thought I would fit. They had an opportunity for me that was there for me to take. They have a staff here that was open to me whatever my situation was and really just an organization that was willing to take in a stranger and say I can be a part of this.

"It’s been a lot more that I expected and that is not me saying I had low expectations, that’s me saying that whatever I expected, it couldn’t have measured to what I am actually receiving over here and it has been a blessing."

It feels like it has been a while since Arizona had a consistent pass rusher and Allen is hoping he can be that guy.

"There are a couple things I feel I bring to this defense now that I have found out that I needed to bring it," he said. "Obviously there are different techniques and styles, but the more comfortable I get in it, the more comfortable I will look in it. It will be evident on the field that I am turning loose here or turning loose there and I know what I am doing."

Where is Allen's focus now that the opener is right around the corner?

"I am picturing coming around the edge and hitting the quarterback," he said. "That is all I can think about."

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