Ude Considering a Wisconsin Official

Being pursued by Wisconsin running back coach Thomas Brown, Atlanta Westminster senior defensive end Russell Ude has the Badgers in his top eight and is considering an official visit to Madison this fall.

Wisconsin running backs Coach Thomas Brown is aggressively and relentlessly pursuing some of the best players in his home state, like Atlanta Westminster senior defensive end Russell Ude. The athletic recently heard from Brown and talks about his conversation with him along with his interest level in the Badgers.

“He wanted to make sure I was still interested and possibly trying to get me up on an official visit,” Ude told BadgerNation. “I told him that I was still interested and will be taking all five of my official visits. I might end up taking an official visit to Wisconsin. There is a pretty good chance. I got to think about it, talk to my parents and coach to see what is a good situation for me.

“They got really good academics and that is something that is very important to me. They got a winning tradition, and they are doing well as now. It is a program where I feel I could do a good job developing there. I am interested in possibly taking an official there and learning more about the program and see what the school offers.”

The 6-3, 245-pound defensive lineman sits as the No. 79 ranked defensive end and a three star recruit has narrowed down his recruitment to a top eight of Wisconsin, Oregon, Miami, Penn State, Michigan State, California, UCLA and Boston College. He is stepping back from his recruitment during the season, but still communicates with Brown.

“We speak every once and awhile,” said Ude. “We have a pretty good relationship. He gives me space and everybody knows I don’t like having my phone blow up. I am trying to take a step back from the recruiting process and realized you only go to school once. I don’t necessarily get too tight with everybody because it makes it harder to make a decision, and ultimately it is just a business decision for the rest of my life. I can’t let my personal feelings get in the way of my business.”

This senior season, Ude has already had to overcome adversity with a nagging injury and is working on sharpening up his skills and looking to only get better.

“My season is going pretty well,” said Ude. “We started off really strong in our first game. I had a nagging injury after that and it was something that was going on with my knee and it has followed me a little bit since late in the summer. I got that under control and that has helped my play a lot more now because it was effecting me a little bit. My team is doing well, so that makes me happy.

“I am just working on being a smart football player, and I really want to translate my game with more instinct when I am on the field. We do a lot of film study, so I know what is coming. I am confident I know what is going to happen and reading and reacting well. My defense that I run at my school is a read and react defense, so we don’t fly up field and we are not a big pass rushing team. What we do is we control and squeeze, so we can free up our linebackers and make plays. What I want to do is get more instinctive as a football player and know what is coming. I want to read, react and just play faster.”

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