Baun Becoming Comfortable with Grayshirt

Visiting Wisconsin for the second time in as many home games, Brown Deer (WI) senior athlete Zack Baun is building his relationship with the Badgers coaching staff while weighing the school's grayshirt offer.

Brown Deer (WI) senior athlete Zack Baun is becoming more and more of a household name in Midwest recruiting cycles with his stellar senior season he has been having so far. The Badgers are one of the schools that have taken notice, offering him a grayshirt offer last week and inviting back to campus for an unofficial visit Saturday.

“The visit went great,” Baun told BadgerNation. “We got to do all the same things as last visit. I assume the format will be the same for all of the game day visits. I did talk to the coaches in Coach (Ben) Strickland, but I also met the defensive coordinator for the first time.”

The purpose of this visit for the 6-3, 205-pound Baun was to find more about the grayshirt offer, which means he wouldn’t start working with the football team until January 2016 but not lose any eligibility.

“They were just saying how excited they were and answered all the questions I had in regards to the whole grayshirt thing,” said Baun. “They again just went over it again and exactly what it was. We went over a lot of the academic aspect of it and how that would all work out.”

Baun is being recruited by Wisconsin as an outside linebacker and while the grayshirt offer wasn’t something he was expecting, he has grew more comfortable with it and Wisconsin.

“I was skeptical about the whole grayshirt thing at first, but the coaches, especially Coach Strickland made me feel real comfortable with it,” said Baun. “I am very comfortable at Wisconsin, though I would still like to build better relationships with the coaching staff.”

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