McCabe Reconnects with Wisconsin

One of the top players in the state in the Class of 2018, Kaukauna point guard Jordan McCabe, who took an unofficial visit to Wisconsin Saturday, has already built a solid relationship with Wisconsin's three assistant coaches.

MADISON - It’s never too early to start recruiting one of the top young players in the state.

That’s the approach the University of Wisconsin is taking with Kaukauna 2018 point guard Jordan McCabe, who returned to the Badgers’ campus this past weekend for UW’s football game against USF.

“It was a great time,” McCabe told BadgerNation. “It was great to get reacquainted with the coaching staff after not seeing them for a little bit. The football game, I absolutely loved it. It was a great way to top off the day. Just the atmosphere in there, it’s hard not to love it. It was the cherry on top for the day. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it more than a lot of other stuff I’ve done. I really like everything about Madison, the atmosphere being number one, and being close to home is a big thing for me.”

Although he has yet to play any varsity basketball, McCabe has been slowing climbing up Wisconsin’s recruiting radar for a number of months. He was one of the standout players in the Badgers’ summer elite camp, playing on the winning squad, and has seen his game grow from the experience.

“The biggest thing I wanted to show the coaches down in Madison that I don’t want to be tagged as a dribbler anymore,” said McCabe, who plays AAU basketball with the Wisconsin Playground Warriors. “I want to be tagged as an elite point guard who can make the right decisions and use the ability that I have now in the right situations. I don’t want to be the guy who can dribble fancy. I want to be able to do more than and show I can eventually play at the elite division 1 level.”

In addition to Wisconsin’s camp, McCabe traveled down to North Carolina to attend Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul’s elite camp, an event that attracted some of the best young talent in the country.

“I wanted to compete with some of the best players in the country,” said McCabe. “That was big for me to go out and play and fortunately I played well and caught the eyes of some schools and some (recruiting) services.”

While in North Carolina, McCabe said some the campers toured Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest. After returning home, McCabe has received mail and questionnaires from Iowa State, Marquette, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA and Virginia. But the one school that still continues to stick out early is Wisconsin because of his relationship with the staff.

“It’s been building tremendously,” said McCabe. “I put a lot of stock of who is on the coaching staff at any school I go to visit to. I’ve built a relationship between me and Coach Close, Coach Paris and obviously Coach Gard where I can contact and call them to see them what’s going on. Anytime I think about it, I can call them and talk to them. I think that’s big and huge for me … to build that relationship as much as I can early because it’s going to be huge down the road.

“Knowing the coaching staff on a personal basis will lead to me knowing which school is best, and I really love Wisconsin and the coaches.”

McCabe’s next planned trip is to East Lansing to see the Michigan State campus for the first time and to spend time with assistant coach Dane Fife, who has talked to him a couple times.

“To be able to go down and experience what they have going on in Michigan will be a lot of fun from the standpoint of finally being able to see the campus and the football team,” said McCabe. “I am really excited for that. Them being in the Big Ten and close to home is big for me, as well.”

After Michigan State, McCabe said he will visit Iowa State on an unofficial visit.

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