Is Evans Next at New Smyrna Beach?

After his two cousins, 2014 linebacker D'cota Dixon and 2015 lineman Jalen Merrick, earned multiple high-level division one offers, New Smyrna Beach (FL) junior running back Darrynton Evans is hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Over the past few recruiting classes, Wisconsin has been able to make a splash in Florida, including getting a talented linebacker from New Smyrna Beach in D’Cota Dixon. One of the most dynamic players in the state is Dixon’s cousin and teammate in junior running back Darrynton Evans, who is eager to hear from Wisconsin.

“I am interested in them,” Evans told BadgerNation. “My cousin D’Cota Dixon goes there and Wisconsin offered my other cousin in Jalen Merrick, plus the director of recruiting followed me on Twitter.”

One of the huge late pick-ups in last year’s recruiting class was landing Dixon and now he is giving his pitch to the versatile and explosive 5-10, 165-pound Evans.

“D’Cota talks to me about Wisconsin,” said Evans. “He tells me it is a great environment to be in and they treat the boys from Florida like family. I don’t know much yet, besides what D’Cota told me. I learn more whenever they start recruiting me more.”

While Evans is still working to pick up the first offer in his recruitment, he has been getting mail from a number of schools, including Florida State, Georgia, Miami, USC, Utah, Virginia and Wake Forest.

Hoping to get up to a camp at Wisconsin next summer, Evans is using his junior season to make an impression on college coaches.

“I have 10 touchdowns and over 400 rushing yards through four games,” said Evans. “I had a couple long runs and touchdowns called back and last week we played Pulaski Academy from Little Rock, Arkansas, which is a powerhouse in their state. I rushed for 169 and 3 touchdowns.

“My hard work from the summer and studying game film is why I have been successful. I am just a fast, physical, smart player and always in a position to make a play. Watch out for me!”

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