Wisconsin Stands Out to Jennings

Starting to visit each school in his top six, Stafford (VA) Colonial Forge senior wide receiver Gary Jennings started with Wisconsin, and the Badgers made a big impression with the three-star receiver.

Confident in the top six schools he has picked to further evaluate, Stafford (VA) Colonial Forge senior wide receiver Gary Jennings took his first official visit to the University of Wisconsin, a school he knows desperately needs talented wide receivers to contribute.

“I learned a lot,” Jennings told BadgerNation. “The coaches kept telling me the (wide receiver) position is the position they need to correct and they are in need of a threat at the position because right now they are relying heavily on their run game. They’re looking for good receivers to pair with their good running backs.”

Arriving Saturday morning, the 6-2, 190-pound Jennings spent time hanging out with the players, meeting the coaching staff and getting a full tour of the Wisconsin campus. Hosted by sophomore wide receiver Rob Wheelwright, Jennings got a full grasp of what it’s like to be a receiver at Wisconsin.

“The visit definitely gave me a better outlook on things and I just learned a lot,” said Jennings.” I definitely have a better view of them now and I will definitely consider them more now.”

Sitting as the No. 132 wide receiver in the nation, the three-star recruit got to further bond with his recruiter in wide receiver coach Chris Beatty.

“My relationship did get stronger with Coach Beatty,” said Jennings. “We talked a lot about football and the overall the environment in Madison and how I can fit there as well.”

After the full tour and the many different sights and sounds Jennings experienced, he felt the highlight of his trip was the game-day experience and definitely the food.

“I’d only heard about the experience and be a part of it was great,” Jennings said. "The food was delicious and there was a lot of it. We ate many different things, but the main one that stuck out to me was the steak that I ate at Flemings. The whole trip was a great experience with the fans and just meeting everyone. It wasn’t like anything other and it was great.”

Jennings plans on taking another official visit soon, but hasn’t set up where or when yet. In addition to Wisconsin, he’s considering Boston College, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Virginia and West Virginia.

“I definitely like that all the schools have a great football aspect and an academic aspect,” said Jennings.

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