A Night To Forget For Moorman

BadgerNation was on hand to watch Plymouth vs. Northville, which featured Badger commit, David Moorman and rising junior offensive tackle Michael Jordan, but in the end the Mustangs and Moorman came out on the losing end

Northville, MI. -- On a frigid and rainy Friday night, the Nortville Mustangs were up against a very tough and physical Plymouth Wildcat team. It happened to also be senior night and Northville's senior offensive tackle and Wisconsin commit, David Moorman had hopes to make it a very memorable one. That wasn't the case as the Wildcats and junior offensive tackle Michael Jordan had other plans. In the first half, Northville struggled with stopping Plymouth’s quarterback keeper on the read option, which led to several big gains and a score, but they went into half on a high note as they converted a last second field goal to only trail the Wildcats 21-10.

The Mustang’s offensive line has been their strength all year long and they relentlessly tried to get their running game going against the Wildcats, but they weren’t able to manufacture anything. The Wildcats defense was stout and continuously causing havoc the whole game. In the end, Plymouth overpowered Northville through their running attack and left with a 42-17 victory over the Mustangs.

Two of the top players in the Great Lake State squared off on Friday night in Northville’s senior offensive tackle and Badger commit, David Moorman and Plymouth’s junior offensive tackle Michael Jordan. Here is my breakdown of each player’s performance on the night.

Scouting Report- David Moorman

The 6-5, 290-pound massive offensive tackle was once again dominant. In their offense, he is constantly being asked to pull and for someone his size, his athleticism is very good. His power and strength were on full display as he served out some pancakes and definitely has a bit of a nasty streak, which you look for in linemen. The most impressive part of his game has been his pass blocking, which has definitely improved from last season and has made him more of a complete player now due to it.

Scouting Report- Michael Jordan

Coming into this game, I didn’t think anyone could look as physical and dominant as Moorman, but Jordan definitely lived up to the hype. At 6-7, 275-pounds, he towered over the competition and overpowered everyone lined up across from him. He used his hands well and when he got in contact with his defender, the result all night was his man going into the ground. With his pass protection, he displayed a solid base and understood who he needed to pick up on the blitz. What I was shocked at was how much he played. Jordan played both sides of the ball and didn't take many breaks all night, but despite that maintained good drive and really didn't seem to get worn down. He ranks as the No. 13 offensive tackle and a early four star recruit in the 2016 class with offers from Michigan and Ohio State and I expect many more to come.

Here is a collection of game photos from the Northville vs. Plymouth game, which features Badger commit, senior offensive tackle David Moorman (61 in black) and four star junior offensive tackle Michael Jordan (75 in white)

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