Unreal Official Visit for Moorman

One of three committed players to take their official visit to Wisconsin last weekend, Northville (MI) four-star offensive lineman David Moorman had another awesome trip to his future college.

A familiar face on Wisconsin’s campus this season has been Northville (MI) senior offensive guard David Moorman, one of four committed linemen in the Badgers’ 2015 recruiting class. Several times he has made the six-hour drive up to Madison but took his official visit this past weekend to get the VIP treatment.

“It was amazing and an unreal official visit,” Moorman told BadgerNation. “It was everything I hoped for and more. I am so excited to be a Badger and be up there full time. It was a great game in general. I witnessed history with Melvin’s performance and the offensive line was amazing. There was great food and a great time. It was a good experience. It was kind of cool because I was able to fly and made it a lot easier to get there. We got the VIP treatment, like they feed up every half hour and got to stay in a hotel room, which was really nice. We got to go out with the players, got to go to the basketball game, so it was a great time.”

While the 6-5, 290-pound tackle got to experience and do a variety of things, he pinned down the traditional “Jump Around” and a conversation with offensive line coach T.J. Woods that stood out to him the most.

“Sunday morning I had a meeting with Coach Woods and we got to talk about football, watch film from Saturday’s game, go over some plays and go over some technique, which was really interesting,” said Moorman. “At a place like Wisconsin it is really hard for a freshman to come in and play right away on the offensive line. Coach Woods and Coach Andersen aren’t going to promise me anything but a chance and that is about it. I really appreciate that because that is the honesty I want.”

With three seniors graduating on the offensive line, Moorman is also kicking around the idea of graduating early to get a jump on the playbook

“We talked a little bit about how next year they will look to shore up their numbers,” said Moorman. “I am going to think about graduating early potentially. We talked about where they see me coming in as. I will probably come in at right tackle and see how that works out. I can play all five positions, but we will figure it out once I get there.”

Ranked a four-star recruit and the No.18 offensive guard in the country by Scout.com, Moorman’s biggest goal this weekend was putting on the recruiting hat knowing there were a few uncommitted visitors in attendance.

“There were a lot of really cool guys up there,” said Moorman. “Me, Andrew (James) and Brandyn (Lee) were the three kids committed, so we got to catching up with all of them. They are from California and Florida, so I don’t really get to talk to them, so it was cool. I talked a little to most of the guys and told them how great a school it is. I told them if you come to Wisconsin, then you will play in front of a big-time crowd, environment and game. This game shows how great Wisconsin is and you could be a part of this program. All those skilled guys, I always tell them you could be the next Melvin Gordon because you are going to have a huge offensive line blocking for them.”

The one player he really bonded with was New Smyrna Beach (FL) four-star offensive guard Jalen Merrick, who told Scout.com his visit to Madison was a 10 out of 10.

“Me and Jalen were actually on the same flight, and we didn’t even know it,” said Moorman. “We get off in the airport, got picked up and were in the same car together. We hit it off from there, and he is a really talkative guy. We have a lot of the same interests, like basketball. Him and my parents also hit it off and our hotel room was pretty close together. We were the first two kids there, so we spent some time just us two hanging out. I was just telling him how great the offensive line is there, and we didn’t talk about just football, but everything. I mean, we were even singing together ‘Sweet Caroline’ in the stands, so we did a lot of fun stuff. He is a really good guy and I would love to play with him.”

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