Spring Q&A: Jazz Peavy

Having battled through injuries in the past, sophomore wide receiver Jazz Peavy reaped the benefits of staying healthy by having a solid spring camp, which puts him in position to be a contributor in the passing game this fall.

Badger Nation: Has the light turned on for you individually over spring practices that you can start to play and not think so much?

Jazz Peavy: Absolutely. I feel a lot more comfortable out here and I feel like that is what I’ve been missing in my game since I’ve got on campus but now that I’m comfortable I can play as fast as I want and I know what is going on. But I feel like I’m starting to show what kind of wide receiver I can be.

BN: Do you feel like the consistency of the reps you’ve received have helped you perform more on a consistent basis?

JP: The more reps I receive the more I can see different coverages so I can play different things out, and if things do go bad, I can go back and watch the film and see how I can correct it, so I don’t make the same mistake on the practice field.

BN: What has new wide receiver coach Ted Gilmore been preaching in the wide receiver room to you individually?

JP: Get more physical in the run game; he says that I need to get in there more and get some more dog inside of me and to take good angles. I realize that is the biggest thing that I have to work on and be more physical in the run game. I do think I’ve gotten a little better in the run game because the more I learn where the runs are going it allows me to play faster.

BN: You have made plenty of athletic catches during spring practice and have caught the football consistently, what does that do for your confidence?

JP: It allows me to feel better and gain more confidence with the quarterbacks. Hopefully they feel more confident with me and they start to throw more footballs towards my side.

BN: Is there one thing specifically going into summer and into fall camp that you specifically want to work on?

JP: I’m going to be working on all of my game so I can start fall camp with where I left spring practices. But I want to continue to get better when it comes to getting in and out of my breaks faster where there isn’t so much padding at the top of my breaks.

BN: Did you set yourself any goals entering spring practice? If so were you able to accomplish them?

JP: I pretty much had one goal and that was just to continue to work and continue to move up the depth chart, and I feel like I have done that.

BN: How does Gilmore differ from last year’s wide receiver coach Chris Beatty?

JP: There isn’t much difference between the two. He is on everybody. If you do something good he’ll let you know, but if you do something bad, no matter where you are, he’ll also let you know. He coaches everybody. I really appreciate his coaching style.

BN: Outside of Alex Erickson this is a young group of wide receivers in terms of experience. How has the unit progressed in your mind throughout spring?

JP: I feel like we have done well as a unit for the most part. We have had some good and bad days but there are plenty of guys that can make plays, and I’ve seen them make plays. It is still open for everybody to try and make an impact for this fall.

BN: How have you individually adjusted to the new offense?

JP: I feel like I’ve adjusted pretty fine. I don’t have any complaints. I’m just learning the concepts and make things easier for myself. I feel like that’s the biggest thing. If I have questions I’m asking them and Gilmore does a good job of answering my questions.

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