Spring Q&A: Serge Trezy

Forced to delay his enrollment by one year, redshirt junior Serge Trezy had an interesting spring as he knocked the rust off, moving from cornerback to running back midway through camp.

BadgerNation: What was it like to finally get on the field and get some work in? I know it was a long process for you to get here and be involved.

Serge Trezy: It had been a long journey for me to get here, but me being here in the spring really has got me ahead in learning the plays and get ready for fall season.

BN: You started spring at corner and you ended at running back. What have you taken away from the older guys at those positions to help you?

ST: They are great people. They have all the techniques down pat. With me being in the second group on the team, I am sitting, leaning and taking advantage of reps.

BN: What was the biggest hiccup with you last year that you couldn’t be a part of the team?

ST: My transcript was fine. It was just a little process of getting the transcript out from my old school (Highland Community College in Illinois) to the University of Wisconsin, so I had to sit back and wait for it to get done.

BN: How frustrating was it for you during that time when you were in limbo? Did you ever second guess your decision and think about going somewhere where you could play right away, or did that never enter your mind?

ST: It was a major setback with me sitting out a semester and not playing football, but I already had my mind set that I was going to play for the University of Wisconsin. I had committed to Coach Busch and I stayed with my commitment.

BN: After the coaching change, how receptive was the new coaching staff to you?

ST: They were. I spoke to Coach Chryst around the third day that he got here. We had a good conversation and he said he was ready for me to be on campus.

BN: What are some of the big things you think you are bringing to the table?

ST: The major thing is speed. I bring a lot of speed to the table, so wherever they put me I’m going to work at. I’m just trying to help the team wherever I can.

BN: How much were you in the playbook last year because you had to sit out the semester, and how comfortable are you with the playbook?

ST: They really didn’t give me a playbook. I just came in at semester and buckled down to learn it as quick as I can.

BN: After playing very little football in the past 18 months, how do you feel you were able to handle everything thrown at you during the spring?

ST: I can say I am a little rusty as I am trying to get my feet in the water, but I’m understanding the playbook a little better, knowing where I am supposed to be every day. It’s coming in time.

BN: How important is this summer going to be for you as you work up to fall camp, especially for you as you work to get your rust off?

ST: The spring is about me coming in and learning the playbook as quick as possible for the fall. The summer is when you have to buckle down and you have to know everything. By the fall everything needs to be settled.

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