Spring Q&A: Michael Deiter

After managing to save his redshirt last season, interior lineman Michael Deiter recaps a second straight productive spring where he took most of the reps as the starting center.

Badger Nation: How has the adjustment been for you individually from your redshirt season to a projected starter for this coming season?

Michael Deiter: Last year I was sometimes on scout team and sometimes with the guys. The time I did spend with the guys was pretty easy to make the transition watching (Kyle) Costigan and watching Rob (Havenstein). I’m just trying to follow their footsteps and it has been pretty easy.

BN: What can you take from your redshirt year to this coming season?

MD: I guess I’ve learned how to prepare, how to train, how to eat, how to handle college and all that stuff. My second year will be easier when the season comes as everything won’t be so new.

BN: The offensive line has dealt with some injuries this spring. Is that an issue at all building that chemistry and communication?

MD: It has hurt it a little but it has also been good to see who else can play. It has been a good opportunity to get guys in and see whether or not we can play or not. It has been bad that Dan (Voltz) can’t practice at center and that we can’t get that chemistry, but it has also been a really good thing that more guys have had to step up and have them prove they have the ability to play.

BN: What is different for you from last spring to this year?

MD: Just experience, I feel a lot more experienced this year compared to last year. I don’t feel as nervous as I was last year and it has allowed me to focus more on my play then possibly me focusing on making a mistake in my game.

BN: How have you adjusted to new offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Rudolph?

MD: It has been pretty easy. He has a lot more energy and is more upbeat. He is more intense, it has been fun getting to know him and it has been fun working with him. I like him a lot.

BN: Did you do any research on him individually when he was hired?

MD: I didn’t do much research on him when he was hired. I did hear a few stories about him from some of the older guys, which gave me an idea of what kind of coach he might be. From what I have heard it has been true and like I said I’ve enjoyed playing for him.

BN: Did Jon Dietzen come to you asking for any advice on how to transition considering you made the jump a year ago?

MD: Not really. I would say I seeked out Jon to make sure everything was going okay with him because I went through it a season ago. I didn’t just talk to him about his transition from a strictly football point but how he is adjusting to school and how he is adjusting socially. But he has been really good and has had a good spring.

BN: This line is going to be young but has spring practice given you any indication of how good this line could be when it is healthy and at full strength?

MD: I think we can be a typical offensive line for the University of Wisconsin. We will be big, mean, nasty and good.

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