Spring Q&A: Alex Hornibrook

Once labeled "the other quarterback" in Wisconsin's 2015 recruiting class, true freshman Alex Hornibrook was one of the standout performers of the spring and is setting himself up for success down the road.

BadgerNation: You got a lot of work in the spring game with nine series. After being thrown right into the mix, evaluate how your day went?

Alex Hornibrook: I feel like it went pretty well. Definitely some things I can work on. It went a little smoother when I went with the older guys at the end. It was just easier with time and perspective. I had some more time up front, but there are definitely some things I can work on after this. I am excited about it though.

BN: You have to be pretty excited with what you accomplished this spring, considering where you started on the depth chart to working your way up to get meaningful team reps?

AH: Yeah, and that’s all I was trying to do was trying to work my way up the depth chart a little bit and get some reps. I got some reps and I was happy with that, but definitely just keep going with it and doing the exact same things.

BN: Evaluate the quarterbacks ahead of you on the depth chart and what you have been able to take away from them, especially since each guy is a little different.

AH: I think that’s really helpful. Obviously Bart (Houston) and Joel (Stave) have been here awhile and help out a lot. Everybody is a playing a different style. Joel is more of a pocket passer, Bart is a little bit of both (pocket passer and runner) and D.J. (Gillins) can do it all. It’s helpful to see all three aspects of the games.

BN: What was it like to see Camp Randall with some fans in it for the first time?

AH: It’s probably nothing close to the fall but it’s definitely a step up from high school. It was good to just play in front of the crowd for the first spring game.

BN: Is it easy to have a quick memory here because everything is being thrown at you at once or do plays stick with you?

AH: It’s a little bit of both because once you make a mistake you are up in the next drill and it’s completely different. There’s no time to think about everything you are doing wrong. If you are thinking about it you are too slow behind.

BN: How do you feel the offense progressed throughout the spring?

AH: I think we are understanding everything that is being thrown at us for the most part. There’s always little things, small things like snaps that are going to bite you. Besides that I think everybody is getting things down pretty well.

BN: Was this spring almost relaxing in a sense because your whirlwind recruitment – changing your commitment and moving early in a few days span – was behind you and you could just focus on football?

AH: The first week or two was hectic with just getting in here and moving here but now nobody is really bugging me. Everybody is just leaving me alone and I’m doing my own thing. That’s really nice.

BN: You obviously had a good relationship with Paul Chryst and Joe Rudolph to follow them here from Pitt. Has that connection with them been what you thought it would be?

AH: When I was watching film with Coach Chryst before I came here, it’s the exact same thing he does in the meeting rooms. Everything from that standpoint is the same.

BN: What has it been like being in a college strength program since January and how has that helped you develop?

AH: Before I started I thought it would be a little crazy and overwhelming but it’s not like you’re making up new lifts. You have done them all before. It’s definitely a step up in the intensity, the amount of times you are doing it and doing it in the morning. From an actual weightlifting standpoint, it’s all the same.

BN: You look at the quarterback “race,” how do you evaluate where you fit in?

AH: I honestly haven’t thought about it too much yet. I’m just trying to get as many reps as I can and work my way up the depth chart. This spring was all about taking it day by day and trying to get better.

BN: What areas do you think you are most comfortable with and what areas do you feel you really need to work on?

AH: Some of the reads I have a good grasp on and then just putting everything together from the film room to the field. That’s something that’s a little tough on everybody, and I’m working on that.

BN: What’s the toughest part going against this college defense, especially one with an experienced secondary?

AH: I think just the speed of the defense. You have a read and you think you’ve got it there but they move on it pretty fast. Adjusting to the speed of the defense is definitely a change but getting the ball out on time and quick helps.

BN: What’s the biggest thing you are going to focus in this summer?

AH: I think just the small things, getting bigger and stronger in the weight room, keep up in the film and sharpen everything up to get ready for fall camp.

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