Ben Bredeson's Recruiting Nearing an End

ADDISON, Ill. - Four-star offensive lineman Ben Bredeson has a plan for winding down his recruitment. Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford and Wisconsin remain standing with a few more visits to go.

Few programs remain in contention for the four-star offensive lineman from Hartland, Wis., and even less visits dot the schedule. Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Wisconsin are the main contenders. Stanford is hanging around the edges.

Another round of visits is the next step in pushing toward a decision.

“I’ve got my top four or five with the Midwest ones and then Stanford,” Bredeson said Sunday at The Opening Regional outside Chicago. “But the only thing is I’ve gotta get out there to see them because that’s the only one I haven’t seen. Once I get to see Stanford then I’ll be able to either cross them off or keep them on. I just want to see them in person.

“The process is kinda winding down for me. I’ve seen what I need to see from most of the schools. It’s just a few repeat visits to clarify things.”

Bredeson plans to visit Michigan the weekend of May 30 and Ohio State again either in the spring or summer. Notre Dame (April 11) and Wisconsin (April 25) have already played host enough for Bredeson to feel comfortable with both.

“I’ll make my final visits with the Midwest ones and see what’s going on with that,” Bredeson said. “I don’t know. I’d like to see Stanford. We’ll see how the summer turns out.”

Bredeson will continue to weigh everything he’s learned at Notre Dame and Wisconsin against the other competitors.

“I’ve just gotta pick the best of the best and that’s tough,” he said. “You don’t want to look back in 20 years and say, ‘I should’ve gone somewhere else.’ You’ve gotta do what you think is right and go from there.”

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