Spring Q&A: Krenwick Sanders

After struggling to break into the rotation a season ago, sophomore receiver Krenwick Sanders is confident he can contribute to Wisconsin's offense this season.

BadgerNation: In the final scrimmage before the spring game you stepped up and made some nice plays. Evaluate how your spring has gone and how confident you feel after these 15 practices.

Krenwick Sanders: Well, every day I am coming out and still learning. I am trying to play faster. It’s still a process.

BN: You knew it would be an adjustment coming from high school to college football. What did you learn last year that surprised you about the transition?

KS: The speed of the game was a lot different and the expectations were higher. It was just something I had to get used to.

BN: From talking to you, Natrell Jamerson and George Rushing, the three of you were expecting to contribute last year. Why don’t you think it worked out last year?

KS: For me I think knowing what to do was the biggest thing. If I would have always known what to do, I would have been able to play fast. I would have been able to put myself in a better situation, but I wasn’t able to do that. I am hoping to change that.

BN: Were you nervous at all when Gary Andersen and Chris Beatty left, knowing that you had put all that time into learning a new playbook and now you were going to have a new head coach and receivers coach?

KS: Not really because, although I had to learn a new system, everybody else did to, so that put everybody on the same playing field.

BN: What do you like about your new receivers coach Ted Gilmore, who has a lot of college and NFL coaching experience?

KS: The thing I like the most about him is he won’t necessarily tell you what you want to hear, but he’ll tell you what you need to hear. Him telling us what we need to hear has been great. He’s been telling me that I have to play faster, I have to be able to notice stuff with speed and I have to give myself more chances to earn reps and contribute.

BN: From where you started to where you finished, it seems you have earned the opportunity to get more reps. Do you see the work you’ve put in start to pay off?

KS: I don’t really look at my success as much as I look at every day as a chance to get better. Last year was real hard for me to learn the plays. Last year I look at myself as trying to learn my position. This year I’m trying to learn the whole concept to make myself versatile and get myself more reps. By learning the playbook and knowing what to do, I feel real comfortable.

BN: Even though it’s a new playbook to a degree, how comfortable are you with Paul Chryst’s playbook?

KS: I feel comfortable with it. There are some different plays, but at the same time there are some plays that are the same concept of things we had last year. They are just called different.

BN: When you look at the receiver group, how deep do you think your group can go? How many players do you see catching 15 passes this season?

KS: I feel like everyone could contribute. As long as everyone comes out and gets better, we could be a really deep group. I need to know what I need to do for speed and have the play down when it comes time to take my reps, and I can be a guy who can contribute, too.

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