Marten Fits UW's Tight End Role

A fullback/tight end who doesn't live for the flashy plays, Brooklyn (NY) Poly Prep tight end Ray Marten is a mirror of Wisconsin tight end coach Mickey Turner, who offered the three-star prospect.

Turn on the film of Brooklyn (NY) Poly Prep tight end Ray Marten and you won’t be impressed with amazing catches and highlight-reel touchdowns. In reality, Marten’s game embraces the nitty gritty, like throwing a key block that leads to yards on the ground and point on the scoreboard.

“I am determined,” Marten told BadgerNation. “My game speaks for itself. What I do within the offense is a lot of blocking. I don’t get a lot of recognition with the position I play because we’re a run-first team, but it’s a lot of hard work. That’s who I am. I work hard and I really don’t care about the recognition.”

It’s no wonder Wisconsin tight end coach Mickey Turner took an immediate shine to the 6-4, 230-pound fullback/blocking tight end.

Filling the same role for his high school team that Turner did through his four seasons in Madison, Marten received a scholarship from Wisconsin to fill the role previously held by his potential future position coach.

“I saw there was interest from him right away and we hit it off pretty well together,” said Marten, who defined his offensive role as an H-back and also plays defensive end. “We play the same type of game, a lot of blocking and not a lot of glory. I think there’s a lot commonality between us. I like him a lot. He’s a really good coach and I can see myself playing for him.”

A Big Ten football fan, Marten says he has watched Wisconsin games and the Badgers have been on his radar.

“I was a little surprised when they offered me, but at the same time I was very excited,” said Marten. “I know I can play at that level. We’ll see what happens. I’m taking everything day by day.”

New York City is known for producing more top end basketball players than football players but few high schools have a coach with the experience Dino Mangiero brings to Poly Prep. An alumnus of Rutgers and a six year veteran of the NFL, Mangiero has put together a solid staff that has made believers out of Marten and his teammates.

“His whole staff is incredible,” said Marten. “I can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done. What we try to do at Poly is get everyone prepared as much as we can for college football and life in general. They’ve pushed me really hard. With hard work and a little luck, that combination got me to where I am right now.”

In addition to Wisconsin, Marten says the schools talking to him the most are Boston College, Miami and Wake Forest. He plans to visit Miami before making his decision.

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