Whillock Excited to Learn More about Badgers

One of three players Wisconsin offered from Katy (TX) High School, safety Travis Whillock sees a scenario where the trio could play together in college, especially at the University of Wisconsin.

No matter what level of football he competed on, Travis Whillock could look around him and see a pair of a really good friends.

Playing with safety Collin Wilder and outside linebacker Paddy Fisher for over a decade, Whillock – also a safety – admitted the group would often chat and dream of one day playing college football together. Years later, that is quickly becoming a realistic option for the trio from Katy (TX) High School.

“It’s definitely a great opportunity to be able to play with two of my teammates,” Whillock told BadgerNation. “I’ve been playing with them since we were little. We’ve grown up together and that makes us that much closer. We’ve known each other since we were five, six years old and we’ve always played on the same team together. It would be a cool experience to play with them (in college).”

For the group, Boston College, Houston and Northwestern have given the three players scholarship offers. On Friday, wide receiver coach Ted Gilmore added Wisconsin to the list.

“I’ve always followed them, as far as doing the football season,” said Whillock. “They weren’t on my radar because they weren’t recruiting me. But now that they have offered me, I think I would definitely go visit the campus and see what it’s all about. I’m excited.”

A 6-1, 185-pound prospect, Whillock, who also holds offers from Kansas, Nevada, Texas State, Tulane and Utah State, finished his junior season with 100 tackles, three interceptions and a handful of forced fumbled and pass breakups.

“I definitely like to come up on the run,” said Whillock. “Not all safeties are able to do that. I like to hit but can also play in coverage, too. As far as working on my game, I need to make sure I am not getting complacent and keep working on things.”

Having already visited Northwestern, Whillock said the trio would like to visit Wisconsin sometime in the summer, as well as attending a couple other schools to see if there’s the possibility of all playing together.

“We would always talk about it, but I don’t think we ever imagined it would be this crazy and it could happen that we could be teammates,” said Whillock. “It’s going to be interesting.”

And while the group will remain tight no matter what happens, playing together is not a completely done deal.

“Even though it would be cool for all three to play together, at the end of the day it’s our own decision,” he said. “I am not saying we wouldn’t commit at the same time, but we all have our own timetable of what we’re going to do.”

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