Behrndt Waits on Wisconsin

Wildwood (MO) Lafayette offensive guard Chase Behrndt is reeling in scholarship offers, but he is still waiting on one he really wants from the University of Wisconsin after camping with the Badgers last weekend.

After picking up an offer from Iowa State Friday, Wildwood (MO) Lafayette offensive guard Chase Behrndt maintains he’s fortunate to have his fourth power five conference offer, joining Illinois, Kansas and Syracuse.

But the one scholarship offer that he really wants, one from the University of Wisconsin, currently eludes him.

While offensive line coach Joe Rudolph appears to think he is scholarship worthy, Behrndt found out that he is still in a holding pattern with some of the other decision makers after camping in Madison last weekend.

“He told me that if it were up to him and a few others on the staff, I would have an offer,” Behrndt told BadgerNation. “The ones that want to offer me and the ones that aren’t sure aren’t seeing eye to eye right now. He basically told me he would get back to me at the end of camp season, and I’m assuming they are going to stack me up compared to some of the other potential guys they could offer. He seems like he’s going to keep a really high interest in me, which I hope pays off.”

One of the standouts from last Sunday’s one-day camp, Behrndt did all of it playing out of position. While projected to play center or guard in college, Behrndt is the team’s starting tackle solely because of his 6-4, 286-pound size.

“I felt like I did good, but I was playing a position I have never played before in my life,” said Behrndt, referring to center. “I’ve played center (Friday at Illinois’ camp) and did even better than what I did at Wisconsin. I am hoping that trend continues.”

With scholarship numbers on the line still low in the program, Wisconsin is hoping to take two tackles and possibly two guards in the 2016 recruiting class. The Badgers currently do not have a commitment at the position.

If Wisconsin doesn’t come through, Behrent is leading toward Illinois, his favorite of his scholarships because they are a Big Ten school.

“I’m looking hard into going Big Ten and I would say Illinois is my top one because they are Big Ten,” said Behrndt. “I’ve been to their camp the last three or four years. They have a new offensive line coach (Tom Brattan) who just completed his first year there. He’s a good dude. He really knew what he was doing. It was really fun working there. I showed up and everybody knew me by name. I’ve been in touch with them awhile and been on campus a few times. That’s what I like about it a lot.”

Behrndt will be camping at Iowa on Sunday. He’s also considering trips to Arkansas, Indiana, Northern Illinois, Ole Miss and Pittsburgh, among others. He plans to play center at all those stops to get himself in position to possibly return to Madison and camp again with the Badgers.

“I want to go back up to Wisconsin,” said Behrndt. “I want to get a really good feel for center. Once it’s all developed and feels really good, I want to go up there and show them how I improved.”

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