Badgers Hosting Big Recruiting Weekend

On a run of commitments over the last week, the University of Wisconsin hopes to keep its momentum going when it hosts four Florida prospects over the weekend, including three high value targets. BadgerNation and's Corey Bender break down each player's game and where they stand with their recruitment.

On film: Theo Anderson is a big kid who is a north-and-south runner between the tackles. He’s around 215 pounds, so he’s a big back. He’s not a blazer, but he does have decent speed; it’s just not his strongest suit. He’s more of a powerful kind of guy. He has soft hands out of the backfield but doesn’t catch a lot of passes from what I’ve seen on film. He’s going to beat teams with his physicality and his vision. I like him in a pro-style or I-formation offense. I think this year could be big for him to get a few more offers on the table. He’s not a guy who is going to really shine in 7-on-7 but will really impress some people when he has the pads on.

Where does his recruitment stand: He doesn’t have a Wisconsin offer but has a handful of power five offers that he’s looking at. I’ve talk to scouts in his area and they all say he’s wide open. He’s one of those kids who is still trying to get those bigger offers. I don’t think he’s close to a decision, but if Wisconsin offers that changes things. He’s on campus for four days so it’s obvious he really likes the school.

On film: Armunz Mathews is a hard hitter. There’s some film of him when he comes up to the line and just lays the wood on some guys. He plays with a lot of physicality in the secondary and a lot of emotion out there, too. I like his ball skills and the way he attacks the ball in the secondary, really going after the pass and trying to make a play. A lot remains in terms of defending in the back of the defense but he’s a good looking all-around athlete.

He’s productive on the offensive side of the ball, as well, but he’ll likely be playing secondary in college. He shows good closing speed and has really got in the weight room. He’s really made the weight room a priority over the last year and a half. He really stands out on his team with a lot of athleticism. He’s a great kid off the field and is real coachable. He’s not in the elite category, but he does everything well enough with a lot of versatility.

Where does his recruitment stand: I think it will be a South Florida-Wisconsin battle. He committed to South Florida and was with them for a while. I don’t want to say he felt bad about de-committing, but he sure liked USF a lot. Wisconsin is heavily in the mix. Missouri recently offered and has his attention and Kentucky is in there, too, but Wisconsin and South Florida are the two schools that have the best relationships with him. I am guessing he’ll probably take his official visits, possibly a trip to Wisconsin again, but all these visits will be crucial for these South Florida kids because a lot of the schools are so far away. He still had USF as his top school when he released his top list, but the Badgers were right there.

On film: At 6-4 and a legit 240 pounds, Keldric Preston’s frame is his biggest attribute. You don’t find a lot of guys built the way he is with that frame. Pictured above, he’s one of the more physically ready players to play at the next level. His doesn’t have a lot of bad weight. I think the one thing he has to improve upon is exploding at the snap of the ball, but he shows good use of his hands, a good motor and is real good in pursuit, able to move from sideline to sideline and chase down quarterbacks. He plays to the whistle. He’s a high character kid, and I don’t think you’ll have any problems off the field with him. He’s not an elite athlete, but he’s not stiff either, so he’s kind of in the middle. He’s a solid defensive end who can probably play sooner rather than later.

Where does his recruitment stand: He’s completely wide open. Miami was out front and the leader for several months, but the last time I spoke with him he said everyone was even, especially after getting all these new power five offers. That’s when he took a step back and decided to start re-evaluating these offers. There were so many D-1 schools that came in to see him this spring.

He’s been set on Miami for a while but its recruiting class is filling up with a lot of top prospects, so maybe that’s why he’s opening things back up. He said he wouldn’t rule out a decision at any time. If he finds a place that he definitely likes on a visit, maybe he could make a decision, but I see him deciding beginning of the season or late summer. These visits for him will be the biggest thing in my opinion. He’s checking out several schools during this month, so we’ll see if someone blows him away, rolls out the red carpet and gets his full attention. I see him taking all his visits but it wouldn’t shock me if he decides early on.

On film: Craig Watts is a well-rounded safety who does well in both the run and the pass. He’s probably better right now supporting the run, coming up in the box and making tackles. The thing with him that I like a lot from watching film and seeing him play is the majority of the time he wraps up well on defense. He’s got good instinct and anticipation. He’s a legit four-star recruit and likely a strong safety. He needs to definitely improve his coverage skills, but he is a big time talent who plays with his heart on his sleeve. He gets jacked up when he plays, high fiving his teammates and gets real animated. He really loves the game of football and really does it all on film. He’ll do a little bit of everything and will probably play sooner rather than later.

Where does his recruitment stand: He’s come out with a top 10 not in order and it’s been hard to read which of those schools stand out, but a four day visit to Madison is a long visit. I think he definitely could have visited some other schools but that lengthy visit shows where Wisconsin stands with him. I know Alabama, Ohio State, Indiana and Colorado are high with him. Florida is the local school and he’s visited there several times and says he likes them. Florida State he said was his dream offer and they offered, but it doesn’t feel like there is as much momentum with them as other schools. He wanted an Alabama offer, as well, as that’s a school he likes.

He definitely plays his cards very well. He never reveals too much. When you ask him about a school he’ll same pretty much the same thing and he always lists a bunch of schools when you ask him about who he likes, never a few. They’re a good stable of schools that has his attention, and he wants to make his decision before the season starts. Wisconsin getting him for four days is big. You never know what can happen.

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