Most Indispensable Badger - No.19

With the college football season just around the corner, BadgerNation brings back its list of the 20 most important players to the Badgers' success in the 2015 season. After two average years, senior punter Drew Meyer needs to get back on track for the Badgers this season.

With an inconsistent season past him, senior Drew Meyer will look to finish out his Wisconsin career as one of the schools most accomplished punter. In order to do that, he will need to bounce back from career lows in every major punting category (average, punts over 50, punts inside 20) by focusing on getting back to kicking correctly from a technique standpoint. With the previous coaching staff wanting a more rugby-like approach to his punting, Meyer will finally be able to get back to traditional punting. With 41 career games under his belt, Meyer has enough experience to be a game changer.

Strengths: Meyer has the potential to show off his kicking strength, which has been on the decline the past few seasons. The coaching staff knows that Meyer has the potential; he just has to show it early on in the season.

Weaknesses: Meyer has had a rough time the past few seasons being able to kick the ball correctly, according to him. His hang time has been inconsistent and his distance has been off. That is a bad combination for a punter, which explains the poor numbers last season.

Why he is #19: Meyer’s success (or lack thereof) is critical this season. If Meyer can put up even the same ballpark as his freshman season, the Badgers are in good hands. UW’s defense will not be able to handle constant 25-35 yard punts after a three-and-out series. Most fans say that the punter doesn’t matter. In this case, the punter is a key position to the defense's success or demise.

Overall: Meyer needs to finish out his career how he started it, averaging 41.6 yards per punt, having 14 kicks over 40 yards and putting 36 punts inside the 20 (in the last two years he’s put 37 inside the 20). Meyer will need to get past his old inconsistencies and just punt the ball effectively every single game. He will prove to be a vital source of the defensive success, especially if he can constantly pin opponents near their own goal line.

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