Most Indispensable Badger - No.9

With the college football season just around the corner, BadgerNation brings back its list of the 20 most important players to the Badgers' success in the 2015 season. The most experienced player on Wisconsin's youthful offensive line, senior left tackle Tyler Marz is the anchor the Badgers will need.

With 27 consecutive starts and 37 games played, fifth-year senior Tyler Marz has been an anchor at left tackle for Wisconsin. The unquestioned leader of the group, Marz’s experience and impressive college career will be helpful if the Badgers want to continue their strong offensive line tradition.

Strengths: Marz has some impressive physical stats. With a 6-7 frame and weighing in over 300 pounds, he has a body that will not be easy to mess with for opposing defenses. He has been a handful in past – giving up few pressures and sacks - and this season should be no different. His ability to remain quick and light on his feet with continue to give him the ability to handle whoever is thrown his way.

Weaknesses: Marz has very little weaknesses but he will be position of leadership for the first time in his career after the Badgers graduated three seniors. Marz is one of two seniors of the group (guard Ray Ball) but the only one with multiple years of starting experience. Marz has put in a lot of work to become one of the best linemen in the Big Ten West, so it’ll be interesting to see how he handles young talent.

Why he is #9: Marz breaks the top 10 with ease because his experience and leadership will be key if the Badgers want to remain successful on offense and develop chemistry on the line. With the ability he has, Marz will have a chance to make his mark early on when the Badgers take on Alabama on September 5. It is almost a given that Marz will be even better and more consistent come this season. When he plays at a high level, Marz gives the Badgers consistency on the offensive line and creates running lanes.

Overall: With at least first-time starters on the line, Marz will be able to provide the team with consistency play in and play out. Look for Marz to make his mark in the Big Ten as well as seeing him improve his stock for the NFL. Marz will have plenty of playing days ahead of him, and the Badgers will be lucky to have him starting again.

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