Mickey Turner Still Figuring Out TE Depth

Wisconsin first year tight end coach Mickey Turner knows who is two starters will be when the Badgers take on No.3 Alabama, but the rest of the depth chart is still a little bit of a mystery.

MADISON - Having previously played the position for current head coach Paul Chryst, Wisconsin tight end coach Mickey Turner knows how important a good pass catching and run blocking tight end is to the Badgers’ offense.

That’s why Turner feels good about where sophomore Troy Fumagalli and senior Austin Traylor are a little more than one week away from the season opener against No.3 Alabama in Arlington, Texas.

“They both have done a really good job of trying to handle everything we throw at them,” said Turner of his starting duo. “In the past, because we’ve had some older guys who played pretty well in Sam Arneson and Brian Wozniak before that, etc., etc., they had certain roles they championed. Now those guys are gone and we’re asking them to handle everything the tight end does.

“As long as they continue to show that, we’re going to keep feeding things to them.”

But while the Badgers have their top two, Turner admits he’s still trying to figure out the rest of the depth chart. Wisconsin is short on experience and veterans at the position. Of the seven players listed on the roster, five are sophomores or younger and only two above-named starters have seen significant action.

And while Turner has seen unproven players, like junior Eric Steffes and true freshman Kyle Penniston, take steps forward in fall camp, there’s still uncertainty at the position. It’s part of the reason why senior fullback Derek Watt has started to take added reps this season.

Turner discusses the depth at his position, who currently stands as the backups and more in this video.

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