Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media in Chicago

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media as the first speaker at Big Ten Media Day in Chicago.

COACH RYAN: It's good to be here this time of year. This is what people, myself, really enjoy. And that's in not so much being here, but being in the gym and coaching and teaching. So I'm in my element now. And this is why I got into this profession, to work with these young men, and it's going well so far. They're working hard and a lot more teaching going on this year rather than managing simply because of the youth of the team.

Q. Coach, I'm curious with the change in the shot clock from 35 to 30 seconds, does that affect how you defend? In other words, maybe put more pressure on the ball to try to slow teams down to get into the offense?

COACH RYAN: Well, what we've done in practice is we already have our press break in and our press earlier than usual, just in case. So you just prepare for things like that. Always remember some of us have been around so long we've coached to every rule change that has been put out. There's been quite a few, if you really think about it. So what we're doing is we're preparing for that both ways. We're looking on their press break to make the next pass up court or a pass that moves quicker. Always enjoy doing that teaching point somewhere early in the year, where you can take unsuspecting freshman and stand at half court, I have the ball in my hand and they have the ball in their hand. And, of course, they dribble to half court and I say, All right, see if I can get there before you can. You know, I used to be fast, I'm setting him up. And then he starts to take off on the quickest dribble you've ever seen. I fire a baseball pass to half court that beats it by 30 feet. And I said, "Well, did you learn anything? A pass gets there quicker than a dribble."

So we're always practicing what you just said. We'll work around that and then, pressure-wise, you know, teams with depth, teams with experienced depth, maybe they can do that. There's been people who have tried to press in the Big Ten before, and some have been successful and some have struggled with it. I'm not sure what the other people are going to do but we'll be ready for both.

Q. Coach, you said that you've been around for a lot of different rule changes. Do you see this round of rule changes being one that will significantly impact the product right away? And do you think that the game is such that big changes were -- are necessary?

COACH RYAN: Well, you said the word "product." I've never in this profession thought of anything about product, whether it's the players or the game or anything else. There are people that just wouldn't be happy with anything the way it is. There's always going to be people advocating for change and for something different. Media influences rules by trying to get the most out of advertising dollar of the people who sponsor the games. They want more rules. They want more of this or that.

You know, it's still going to be you've got to put the ball in the basket and you've got to try to stop the other guys from putting the ball in the basket, whether it's a 5-second shot clock or 30. We practiced with a 17-second shot clock before we went up to Canada two years ago. We got shots off. No problem with that. They were probably some of the ugliest possessions you ever want to see.

People want to see that, they can advocate for that. I think 30 is enough time to get a good shot. You teach good, practice good. They tried it in the NIT and we saw what a huge difference that made; a point, two points, something points per game were scored. Okay. So some genius came up with 5 seconds off the shot clock to get one more shot. I tell you, I don't know where they graduated from, but it's a heck of an idea.

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