Mack Addresses Bowl Win Momentum

As part of the 32nd annual Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon, Wisconsin linebacker Jeff Mack spoke with the media Thursday. Here is a sample of what he had to say:

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On receiving Alamo Bowl Defensive Player of the Year:


"I didn't really need it. As long as my coaches and the players feel that I can play up to my ability, that is all I need. It was a great honor, but we had a lot of guys that played well. Anttaj Hawthorne played his but off. (Scott) Starks had a good game. Darius (Jones) played a good game. Alex (Lewis) played a good game. Everybody was just playing pretty well."


What type of confidence or momentum has come from the Bowl win?


"You have to remember that (Colorado) is a different team. That is a team that came out there and said that, ‘We are going to run our stuff. Try and beat us.' More of a similar mindset that Ohio State or Michigan have. You know, ‘We're good, we are going to run our stuff, try and beat us. If you can't beat us, hey, that is your problem. If you can hang with us, fine.' But West Virginia is going to be wide open, they have a spread-type offense, so we are going to have to cater to them a little differently.


"But from a confidence standpoint, definitely. We have a really good feeling about this year. I'm sure everybody that you have talked to does. That is how you are. You had better have a good feeling right now or you are losing already. We feel that we are confident with the progress we have had since spring, and hopefully going into camp we can do nothing but improve."


On seeking the type of success the Badgers had in 1999, when Mack was redshirted:


"It has been tough. You have to take advantage of everything. That is the way football is, that is the way the Big Ten is. The Big Ten is such a good conference, with a swing here or a swing there, a drop of the ball here or a drop of the ball there, a team can win or lose. Hopefully that momentum will swing our way."


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