Owen Daniels Position Clarified

Wide Receivers Coach Henry Mason specified exactly what the staff expects from former quarterback Owen Daniels at his new position this fall.

There has been a little bit of confusion surrounding where Owen Daniels is playing this fall. Some have listed him as a wide receiver, while others insist he is still a tight end. Badger Nation caught up with Wide Receivers Coach Henry Mason and he offered the following explanation.

"He's going to be a wide receiver/tight end type of guy. He's going to be an inside receiver. Probably how much he plays and how much he contributes at the position will depend on how much four-wide stuff we use, how much we take a true tight end out and put in another guy," Mason said. "I think we were going to play him at tight end in the bowl game. During bowl practice, when he re-injured his knee, I thought watching him, I said `Gee, he's going to be a good tight end. He's going to be a really good tight end for us.' So if you have to compare him to somebody, certainly I'm not saying he's as good as this guy, but he fits the mold of a Shannon Sharpe-type of guy. Not a big, physical tight end type. But a guy that, if he has to line up tight, he can get that done. He's adequate at that.

"But his best thing, he will be split out a little bit in a four-wide package. So he's really in between a tight end and a wide receiver. And I think he will be…from what I saw in the few practices he played there, I think he has a chance to be a player at that position."

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