Northwestern Week: Coach Roy Q & A, Part 3

Our Northwestern preview continues with the third installment of a five-part Q & A with Roy Lamberton, publisher of Purple Reign.

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Even though Northwestern has struggled the past few years, Randy Walker has had a good offense. The obvious focal point is Jason Wright. How good do you think he can be?


Well, how good is the offensive line? They asked him and Jason said he was concerned about the offensive line. One of the guys on one of the other websites has Northwestern movie posters. One of the posters says, ‘What My Line? Starring Randy Walker and (offensive line coach) Jim Patton.' That is going to be the key to it. They have two really good tackles. They moved probably the best lineman on the team from guard to center, and that is Matt Ulrich. The question is the guards. The guys are probably Ike Ndukwe and Greg Lutzen, last year's starting left defensive end.


It is truly what is my line. That is going to determine the running game.


The other that they are going to have that they did not have last year is a running quarterback. You are going to see Basanez running the ball, unless he is playing on a broken leg.


Then you are going to see Alexander Webb. He is truly a freshman again even though he is a redshirt freshman. He was so good in the spring last year and then he got hurt. He sat in on all the meetings. One of the coaches said, ‘he is a freshman in terms of field work, but he is a sophomore in terms of classroom. He is another smart kid. He came to NU early so he has been around the team for two years so he is a good backup. Then you have Derell Jenkins who goes back and forth. He is a quarterback, but they have also used him as a running back because he is just so quick.


What other running threats do they have, aside from Wright and those at the quarterback position?


Noah Herron is a horse. He is 230 and he is a truck coming at you. Herron is a big kid. If Jason has trouble, they are going to go to Noah. If they went to a two-back offense for something you would see the two of them back there and I don't think you want to take on Noah Herron even if Jason is carrying the ball.

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