Northwestern Week: Coach Roy Q & A, Part 5

Badger Nation's Wildcats' preview concludes with the final segment of our Q & A with Purple Reign publisher Roy Lamberton.

Do you think Basanez will continue to develop or do you fear a sophomore slump at all

Do you think Basanez will continue to develop or do you fear a sophomore slump at all?


Sophomore slump. I have said that. He is a fireplug. He just loves to play. But does he have a sophomore slump? I don't know. The thing is teams are going to key on him this year. My big comment on that is that Dunbar will make sure he doesn't have a sophomore slump. Northwestern is good at running plays that the guys are strong on.


What do you think about the kicking game?


Brian Huffman will be a good punter. He has gotten better. The spring was tryouts for the kickers and they will be pretty good. Slade Larscheid looks like he is in line to be the guy as a freshman. Joel Howells is listed number two. Huffman came in to be the place kicker but he has become the punter. If Larscheid doesn't do it I think they will bring Huffman back in there. But I doubt that you are going to see one guy place kick all the time. Just because they will go with whoever is hot.


What do you think Northwestern's record is going to be this season?


There are going to win some games, they are going to lose some games. I'm on record saying I won't pick anything. I think Walker has got to win six.


In order to keep his job?


I honestly believe that Walker gets an extension because I honestly believe that if they keep him for another year they are going to be right back in the Big Ten hunt.


I honestly think they are going to be able to score 30 or 40 points a game, but the question is, can the defense keep them in it.


They play a bear of a home schedule and they play half the schedule before the students get there anyway (NU classes begin the last week of September). The first two home games they will have 10,000, maybe 20,000 people in the stands, which is frustrating.


How has the Rashidi Wheeler case affected the team?


The coaches and people on the team will tell you that it does not bother them. I think deep down inside it does bother Randy. I think the lawsuit is weighing on them and they are thinking on it. I think the lawyers are going to try to capture it with the start of the season.


Finally, where does ‘Coach Roy' come from?


Coach Roy comes from coaching offensive line with 10-year olds (laughing).

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