Media Day: Alvarez verbatim, part 4

Badger Nation's coverage of Wisconsin media day continues with another installment from Alvarez' press conference Wednesday afternoon.

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Questions and topics are paraphrased from those posed by assorted media in attendance Wednesday afternoon.


Will it be tough for Jim Leonhard to duplicate his production from last year?


"You know his numbers may not be as good. I tried to talk to those guys about that. I can remember talking to Ron Dayne about that. And Anthony (Davis). I mentioned it to all the offensive guys yesterday.


"We have a lot of weapons on offense yet we only have one football. Guys may not have the same numbers. They may play better than they have ever played but may not have as good of numbers as they have had in the past because we want to spread the ball out a little bit.


"Same thing with Jimmy. He may play much better, but he may not have as many interceptions and so forth. I think he will have opportunities because of where we are going to play him, but I have a funny feeling Jimmy will always be around the football."


What factors will you consider when you decide which game Darius Jones will be suspended for?


"I'm not going to answer that. I told you I released a statement. This is about our football team. I am not going to talk any more about it."


Is there any concern with having too many guys who deserve to touch the football? Considering a guy like Booker Stanley, who many not get too many carries.


"My main concern is not getting Booker the ball, right now. You've got a guy who has rushed for 1,500 yards two years in a row and a sophomore who rushed for 550 last year and really made a big jump. Book has got to wait his turn. He will get some shots on special teams. I'm not really concerned about getting anybody enough reps or anybody enough numbers. Book will get some chances. From the line of scrimmage he will get some snaps, but he will get a lot of snaps on special teams. When he gets his opportunities he had better cash in on them."


Barry, how does Anthony Davis stack up with the great backs you have had here? He is within 700 yards of being second only to Ron Dayne.


"Anthony was probably one of the bigger surprises that I've had in coaching. Just how productive he was and how durable he was as a redshirt freshman. He started slow last year and people really loaded up on us, particularly with the young receivers. He hung in there. I thought he made a good jump. He was a better football player last year than he was as a redshirt freshman. I expect that same thing this year.


"He brings a lot of things to the table. I think he has improved his hands where he can catch the ball out of the backfield now. He can run through tackles. I'm not even sure, he is probably about 205 pounds now. Very strong in the hip and thigh area where he can run through tackles and then he has sprinters speed. He is probably the fastest running back that we have had in the combination. You know, he has got some quick little moves at the line of scrimmage, much like a Brent Moss. He doesn't have the moves as a Fletcher, yet he has the breakaway speed that none of our guys had. So he is kind of the combination of a lot of them. I expect him to make another big jump this year."

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