Media Day: Alvarez verbatim, part 5

In the fifth and final segment of Alvarez' Wednesday afternoon press conference, Alvarez answers questions regarding Lee Evans' health and discusses the importance of unselfishness when a team has many valued offensive players.

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Questions and topics are paraphrased from those posed by assorted media in attendance Wednesday afternoon.


What is Lee Evans' condition?


"I am really anxious to see where Lee is. He has full clearance to do everything and he assures me that he is ready to go. I guess you always worry and you wonder how somebody handles the mental aspect of an injury like that. None of us will know until we see him in practice and bodies are flying and his confidence in going up and coming down and putting that foot in the ground.


"I haven't seen him. We can't work with them in the summer, but he reports that he feels great. He is another one that I am really anxious to see this afternoon.


"You add maybe one of the top five football players in the country to your offense and to your team as well as all of the productivity that he can bring. You can put three pretty good wideouts to one side and him on the other side and it is pretty hard to double him, pretty hard to give help to that guy over there.


"He really brings a lot to the table and presents a lot of problems for the defense."


What have you noticed in particular from Lee this past year?


"His attitude and his perseverance and how he has just maintained a very positive attitude and frame of mind regardless of the setbacks that has had.


"The first thing, the easiest thing to do is when he made the decision to come back and then he gets hurt is to start blaming people and second-guessing himself and feeling sorry for himself. And then to work as hard as he did through that first surgery and then to have to do another surgery. It is just one thing after another and just how he kept battling and staying positive. There are just not many people that can handle that much adversity as well as he did.


"I will use him as an example forever but I think all these other kids have seen him and respect him for what he has done and how he has gone about it."


With so many weapons, how do you keep guys from getting discouraged if they don't get the ball as much as they would like to?


"That was one of the issues that I spent a lot of time talking about yesterday is about good teams and the characteristics of good teams. One is good teams are unselfish. Individuals are unselfish. It is about team. It is about winning games. It is about being successful. It is not about having numbers and I've used all of our guys as an example. We had two freshmen who caught right around 50 balls each, a running back that has had 3,000 yards in two years. Lee had 1,500 yards receiving two years ago. Darrin I'm sure feels as though he is ready to have a break out year. Dwayne Smith could be one of the better backs that we have had come through here, but we only have one ball. We can't worry about numbers as we coach a game and as we call a game. And they can't worry about numbers. They have to worry about how they can contribute and how they can help us win. If we don't have that attitude then we are going to be in trouble. I think everyone has to understand that it is about winning games and it is about winning for the university. It is not about getting numbers for the individuals. That is not what the game is concerned about. That all comes. If you have success then everyone is rewarded."

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