Stevens Point power forward Joey Hauser is Wisconsin's top target for 2018

Although his older brother is headed to Marquette this fall, Stevens Point (WI) High 2018 power forward Joey Hauser is being aggressively pursued by Wisconsin.

For those laminating Stevens Point (WI) High 2018 power forward Joey Hauser's name as a future Marquette commit, David Hauser would beg to differ.

Yes, the Hausers have a strong relationship with Marquette and head coach Steve Wojciechowski, strong enough that the family is excited for Sam Hauser to begin his college career there this fall.

But the work Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard has put into recruiting Joey hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I know Greg on the surface as far as when he recruited Sam a little bit and since he started recruiting Joey, and he made it a point to contact us to tell us where Joey stood with him,” David told BadgerNation. “He’s overdue ready for the job, just looking at what he did with the team he had this year. He is a great guy with great ethics and great values. You’d feel real comfortable having your kid be a part of his program from his personality and the way he carries himself.

“Those are things as parents when your son or daughter is getting recruited, they are going to have a ginormous impact on our son for a pretty long period of life. Wherever your son goes to school, you want to feel comfortable as a parent knowing they’re going to make them a better person and understand life with what they learn while there in their program. I think Greg Gard is one of those guys.”

Gard has told Hauser that he’s the program’s top target for the 2018, not surprising since the 6-8, 210-pound forward is only scratching the surface of his potential. Gard recruited Sam Hauser but Wisconsin – then under the leadership of Bo Ryan – never offered because the Badgers were low on scholarships and wanted a point guard for the 2016 class.

Outside of Marquette and Wisconsin, Hauser’s recruitment has been pretty quiet. He holds additional offers from Bradley and Iowa State, which also has undergone a recent coaching change.

“Joey really doesn’t worry about (recruiting),” Hauser said. “He just lets things fall where they may. He got a chance to watch Sam to go through the process and was a part of that process. He got a chance to meet a lot of coaches and people. Joey’s going to do what we did with Sam, let it play out and don’t get too wrapped up in the process.”

A role player for Stevens Point’s back-to-back state championship seasons, Hauser’s main focal points as a freshman were rebounds, put-back points and hit open shots. As a sophomore, that role changed into being a consistent third scorer.

“This year he was more counted on and more expected to be an integral part of the offense,” said Hauser, who served as an assistant coach. “From our perspective, he was expected to be as good as he could be. I think (head coach Scott Anderson) got a lot out of Joey this year and really pushed him. I think he really improved from the start of the year on both ends of the floor.”

The expectations for Hauser will grow even higher over the next year. Not only will he be playing AAU basketball with the Iowa Barnstormers, a move designed to give him more exposure and play against tougher teams, Hauser will be the main weapon on his team’s quest for a third straight state championship with Sam Hauser gone to Marquette and Trevor Andersen going to Green Bay.

According to his father, the big improvement for Joey Hauser will be becoming a better two-way player.

“He’s got to become an impact player on both ends of the court,” Hauser said. “Defensively he’s got to be a stopper, shot blocker and better at guarding multiple positions. Offensively he has to keep developing his game. He shot over 40 percent from the 3-point line, close to 60 percent from 2-point, but he has to get laterally quicker off the dribble, score off contact and play better with his back to the basket.”

David Hauser said it’s likely no recruiting decisions will be made until after Joey’s junior year of high school.

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