Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Michael Harley Jr. releases his top 10, which includes Wisconsin

One of the fastest athletes in Florida, St. Thomas Aquinas' receiver Michael Harley Jr. releases his top 10, which includes Wisconsin. He talks about his plan below.

Fort Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Michael Harley Jr. is one of the quickest prospects around, being clocked as low as 4.39 seconds in the 40-yard dash. When it comes to his recruitment, Harley Jr. is taking a more methodical approach.

With well over 20 scholarship offers, Harley Jr. took a step toward his commitment this week by cutting his list to 10: Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

“I’m going to go to the school that gives me the best chance to succeed both in life and football,” Harley Jr. told BadgerNation. “Some programs inside my top ten that are awesome are Michigan, Wisconsin and Kentucky. I’m still very open to all programs inside my top ten, but those are just a few that are noteworthy for academics and football.”

Coming from a powerhouse program like St. Thomas Aquinas, which has won state championships in three of the last four years, Harley Jr. admits that there’s substantial pressure to perform at a high level. One reason why Harley Jr. works so hard is, according to him, to provide for his family after high school, with a goal is to play at the highest level.

Wanting to be known for more than just his speed, he has spent the summer working on his strength, something he believes can get him even faster.

“The biggest thing for me if working out with teammates,” he said. “Most of my friends have just as much offers as I do and they will push me.  I will be working on foot speed, my upper body strength and leg strength. Those combined will give me a good boost from the past season, and our whole team is going to be grinding for a state title.”

Currently visiting Michigan, Harley Jr. still doesn't know where he will take official visits but adds Michigan and Wisconsin are two good guesses.

“I’m not too sure about future,” Harley said. “I do care, but I’m more focused only current team and improving my game. I have Wisconsin visit planned for the summer, and a couple more camps, but I'm going there to improve. I want to win a state championship this year and I need to perform this year for that to happen.”

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