Brentwood (TN) Academy linebacker Jack Sirmon picks up an offer from Wisconsin

With his father having a strong relationship with defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, and being a solid linebacker in his own right, Brentwood (TN) Academy linebacker Jack Sirmon received a Wisconsin offer following a recent visit.

As a coach’s son, linebacker Jack Sirmon has been able to pick up quite a few tricks and tips about how to approach the game of football and the recruiting process.

Despite having moved several times growing up, the younger Sirmon has got a first-hand look from his father, current Mississippi State defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon, what it takes to improve as a player and navigate through the process.

“With the whole recruiting process he knows so well, he can definitely give me some guidance on that,” Sirmon told BadgerNation. “He says to just take it easy. I’m not in any rush. He says to just stay thankful and not get too big of a head.”

Wisconsin hadn’t been talking to Sirmon much at all, but he went on the visit to Madison because of his previous relationship with defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox. Wilcox and Sirmon’s father coached together at USC, Washington and Tennessee, not to mention played together at Oregon.

“I wanted to get him and see him and see the University, because it’s a great University,” Sirmon said. “I would definitely be interested to go there.”

Wilcox and Wisconsin gave him that opportunity by extending him his second scholarship.

“I had a very good time,” Sirmon said. “I talked to the coaches, and I thought everything went well. I really enjoyed it up there.”

Thanks to some of the connections his dad made when he coached with Wilcox at Washington in 2012 and 2013, the Huskies were Sirmon’s first offer following his freshman season at Los Angeles Loyola HS.

“That was very exciting and a great opportunity,” he said. “It’s a great school.”

Now playing at Brentwood (TN) Academy, Sirmon doesn’t have any more visits planned, only to get prepared for 2016 with his new teammates.

“It’s been good,” Sirmon said. “I’ve started with them and they’re great. I don’t believe it will be that difficult a transition. We have a good coaching staff here, great guys at the school. I’ve done this before, too, so I kind of know how it goes.”

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