August 15 afternoon practice report

Wisconsin's 10th day of practice, and third day of two-a-days, concluded at the O'Connor Center Friday afternoon. For the second straight day, an oppressive heat settled over the practice field.

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Temperatures rose to near 90 degrees Friday afternoon. Even for this morning's early session, the heat made its present felt—with temperatures in the low 80s, but high humidity contributing to a real-feel temperature of a sweltering 95 degrees.


"I think we need heat," Alvarez said. "I'm going to guess and anticipate that in a normal season that we are going to have at least four games in hot and humid weather. I would guess that when we play back in West Virginia there is a possibility of it being very humid. This is good training to really be gassed and then have to concentrate at the end of practice to get work done. I was hoping we would get some (heat) and it sounds like we are going to have another hot day tomorrow. That is good."


It was very warm Thursday when the Badgers held their third practice on the new turf at Camp Randall Stadium. Artificial surfaces give off plenty more heat than natural grass surfaces, but Alvarez said the new surface is cooler than before.


"It doesn't radiate off there as much as the old turf," Alvarez said. "It is hot though."


The heat comes at the time in camp when legs start to get heavy and aching muscles become a more discernible reality. A condition that is exacerbated by the thought of practice after practice, with the first game still just beyond reach.


"This is the tough time in camp," Alvarez said. "You are right in the middle. You are more than two weeks away and you really can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and so you really have to tough it out at this time."


"Your body is physically straining," cornerback Scott Starks said. "But we have to keep on pushing if we are going to be the great team that we want to be."


Lee Evans continues to impress in practice sessions in all aspects of playing receiver. He has shown no ill effects of the knee injury that sidelined him for all of last season. Bu receivers coach Henry Mason said even Evans may be getting the ‘training camp blues.'


"You have to remember he is a year removed so he is going through the training camp blues like everybody else," Mason said. "I think that he is certainly catching the ball as well as he has in the past and he is running good routes. We will have to see over the course of time how the wear and tear goes, how long it takes his legs to bounce back. No matter how much you work out, it is not like being out here and playing. He is a little heavy legged right now, as most guys are.


"That is just training camp. When you are in a training camp and you play receiver, you are going to run a million miles and that is what he has to do. You're legs get heavy quick."


"I think it will be an ongoing process," Alvarez said. "I think the longer (Evans) goes the more comfortable he should feel. I haven't seen him back off of anything and those receivers do more running than anyone.


"A lot of them are sore right now…I think Lee and the rest of the guys are working through it pretty well."

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