August 16 report: Alvarez verbatim part 2

Part two of Barry Alvarez' comments Saturday, following the morning's intrasquad scrimmage, which was closed to the media.

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Have you talked about Joe Thomas, whether you want him to play or if you want him to wait?


"That hasn't come into play yet. It is still two weeks out. I will tell you right now that Joe is very close to being solid with the second unit. If he is on the second unit then I will anticipate that we are not going to hold him. We would probably play him. But that would be my expectations right now. I don't know. A lot can happen between now and—by next Saturday we will have our minds made up in what we are going to do and then we really squeeze in for game preparation.




"I thought the defense, other than some penalties, we had some officials there, and other than some penalties I really thought they were good. I thought they moved well. A lot of good collisions today. Jimmy (Leonhard) had an interception, I think for a touchdown. We had a good push from the defensive line, good pressure.


"We had too many penalties defensively. A couple of late hits. Some foolish penalties—things that kill you in a game. That was the thing that we talked about. Those are the things that you can surely correct."


Do you feel like your secondary will be improved?


"I have been generally pleased. They will be tested throughout the year because most of the people we play are going to be spread out offenses. We know what we are going to get from Jimmy and for the most part we know what we are going to get from guys and I think they have improved over last year. I think Brett Bell is much improved. I think we have a little more depth than we have had. So you would like to see them, and you expect to see them, take a step.


How has going against UW's receivers in practice helped the secondary?


"When you go good against good if you compete the right way, then you should get better. That is the one thing that we have never stuck our heads in the sand over is competing against one another. I think our offensive line the same way. You put some of those guys on the edge and pass rush with them—our tackles, they're challenged every snap. It is not going against somebody that they know that they can block. So, I think that holds true on both sides of the ball."


Andre Williams:


"Andre left the team. He was out here for the wrong reasons. His parents wanted him to be here and he didn't want to be here. I think all of you saw he was not in real good shape. It was hard for him. He just wasn't into it. He didn't want to be here."

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