August 16 report: Alvarez verbatim part 1

Two weeks before the Badgers kickoff their season at West Virginia, Wisconsin held a closed-door scrimmage Saturday morning at Camp Randall Stadium. Coach Barry Alvarez addressed the media after the session:

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"Well we had a long scrimmage. We really had a very long work day; got an awful lot done. We scrimmaged the entire kicking game. We had a half-hour workout after that and then a 125-play scrimmage.


"I thought we did a lot of good things. I think it will be a tremendous teaching tape. A lot of situations. I thought we had a lot of guys make plays and yet there are a lot of things that we can correct. We are certainly not game ready yet, but we can identify the things we have to correct and get ready the next week or so.


"I thought the guys held up pretty well. As long as we went today and as hard as we went I thought they held up, thought they played very well."


How did the punters look?


"That was the first note that I put down today. I thought our punters were exceptional. Actually all three of them kicked well. I thought R.J. (Morse) had some great kicks and so did Kenny (DeBauche). I was very pleased with the punting game."


Lee Evans:


"Lee practiced. I didn't scrimmage Lee, but he practiced until we went into the scrimmage. I pulled him out of the scrimmage."


Is the place kicking situation what you expected coming into camp?


"Yeah. There really hasn't been any surprise there."


Did any of the receivers or backs stand out today?


"Anthony (Davis) had an exceptional day. He made a couple of great runs.


"Brandon White made a great play for a touchdown. He made a tough catch, it ricocheted off a blocker and he had a long touchdown out of it.


"Booker (Stanley) had a couple exceptional runs where he made a lot of yards after contact."




"I thought Jim (Sorgi) was sharp. We held out (Matt) Schabert today. He has had a little swelling in his arm. So we held him out today.


"I thought Jim was particularly sharp."


Do you feel that things are progressing the way that you want them to?


"Yes. We have everything in. We have much more in now then we did a year ago this time, prior to our first game. What we try to do is put everything in. We will go into our preparation for West Virginia next week. We haven't split anybody up yet. We will go to a scout team the middle of next week where we divide our teams and have teams simulating West Virginia. As of right now we are throwing everything at them and trying to get everything installed—both sides of the ball—we are way ahead of where we were a year ago. I know that."

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