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A trio of Wisconsin fullbacks hope to fill the production left by Derek Watt

The third of BadgerNation's 12 part series, we look at the trio of fullbacks that look to set a tone for Wisconsin's offense.

The fullback position can be a thankless job, one that is easily forgotten as it slowly becomes more obscure in the era of spread offenses. That’s not the case at the University of Wisconsin.

At a school that prides itself on running the football, having Derek Watt as the team’s starter at the position the last four years was a godsend. And considering Watt was a sixth-round draft pick last April, it’s obvious the Badgers had a talented player on their hands.

While it won’t be easy replacing a player who appeared in 47 career games and 24 starts, Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst does have some solid, athletic options in Austin RameshAlec Ingold and Leon Jacobs.

“We think we have some pretty good football players,” Chryst said of the trio. “There’s enough similarities where things are in the package and having an injury doesn’t take you out of that package. Derek was on the forefront of it all.”

According to Chryst and offensive coordinator Joe Rudolph, Watt redefined the fullback position, leading to a desire by the staff to put more athletic personnel in the backfield to throw a multitude of options at a defense. Considered the variety of skills the trio has, UW is not expecting a drop off.

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